Supernatural Preview: The Truth Comes Out

by Clarissa / April 29, 2015

The Novak family returned in this week’s Supernatural when Claire teamed up with Cas, Dean and Sam to track down her mother, Amelia. The boys and Claire did manage to find Amelia, who was being held by a “watcher angel” who had been bleeding out her soul and keeping her captive in her dreams. Unfortunately, Amelia sacrificed herself to protect her daughter shortly after being reunited with her and Claire headed off again (maybe to Jody’s house as the Winchesters had suggested).

Next week, we turn our attention back to the Mark of Cain when Sam recruits Charlie to help Rowena decode the Book of the Damned and Cas plays referee for the pair. Meanwhile, the Winchesters investigate a case that leads them to the Styne family — the family first introduced in episode 10.18 who are also searching for the Book of the Damned. This actually leads to one of the Stynes telling Dean that the Book cannot be destroyed and he realizes that Charlie now has the book.

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