Supernatural: Questions for Season 11

by Clarissa / May 21, 2015

The Supernatural finale left fans with quite a few cliffhangers, including a mysterious new evil swallowing up the Winchester brothers, and Castiel going after Crowley under the influence of a spell by Rowena. No one can be sure of where Supernatural is going to take us next, but it’s clear that the Darkness will play a huge role in season 11, as will Rowena and, likely, the elusive Metatron. In addition, there’s the possible fallout from the killing of Death in the finale that we hope will be dealt with next season (basically, things are not looking up for the Winchesters and their friends right now).

While the return of Supernatural is still months away, we’ve got nine questions coming out of season 10 that need to be answered in season 11.

(1) What is the Darkness and What Happens Now that it’s Free?

In the Supernatural finale, Death revealed that the Mark of Cain is tied to something bigger than anyone had ever expected. As it turns out, before it was a curse that Lucifer bestowed upon Cain, it was actually a trap.

Before God created the world, there was a “destructive, amoral force” called the Darkness (yes, we know, it’s not the most intimidating of names). God and his archangels managed to beat back and lock away the force and God created the Mark as a lock and key. God bestowed this Mark on Lucifer, his valued lieutenant at the time. But Lucifer was driven to jealousy of mankind by the Mark, which is powered by the Darkness it contains, and he shared the Mark with Cain. As long as the Mark exists, the Darkness is locked away. But when Rowena performed the spell to remove the Mark of Cain, it unleashed the Darkness, which has, thus far, manifested as dark bolts of “electricity” and smoke. Bolts that swallowed up the Winchesters and their car when we last saw them. So, basically, we’ve got questions.

Most importantly, how will this Darkness manifest on earth? We’ve seen demons as black smoke that need to possess hosts in order to walk and talk and enact evil. We’ve seen Leviathans shapeshift into beings that looked like humans in order to walk the earth. But what will the Darkness look like? Will it possess people? Will it be able to take form without possessing people? And, if it does, will it look like humans or something more monstrous? What is the Darkness’ goals now that it has been unleashed again? Will it behave like Dick Roman and his Leviathans and try to take over the world in an orderly fashion, or is it far more interested in simply wreaking havoc and destroying everything in its path? Given what Death said, the latter is more likely.

Not only should we wonder how the Darkness will manifest, but how will it affect the Winchesters directly after swallowing them up? Could they become possessed or hurt from it or was it just a dramatic finale and the Darkness will go out into the world and the Winchesters will be left intact and chasing after it?

In some respects, the Darkness can be likened to the Apocalypse of season 5, a huge, universal problem that threatens to destroy the entire earth. This gives the Winchesters and others a tangible and terrible outside threat to combat. But what can humans, lesser angels or demons do to beat back a force that took God and the strongest angels to combat? Which actually takes us to our second question…

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(2) Will the Archangels or God be needed to help fight the Darkness?

Death made it clear that God and his archangels were needed to defeat this terrible force plaguing the universe before creation as we know it, so the question remains: will they be needed again? If it took the strength of so many powerful beings to defeat the Darkness before, will it require their strength this time around as well?

Unfortunately, the Supernatural universe is running low on God and his archangels right now. God hasn’t really been seen since season 5, saving for an appearance at a school plan (if we assume that Chuck is actually God), and the majority of archangels are either dead (Raphael) or trapped in Hell (Lucifer and Michael) or questionably dead (Gabriel — since it’s unclear).

If we assume that the Darkness storyline can last long enough to take us to the series end of Supernatural (perhaps in season 12?), then this could be an opportune time to bring God, Lucifer and/or Michael back for a final showdown on a celestial scale. While the Winchesters have been able to thwart something like the Apocalypse before, it will be interesting to see how they’re able to defeat a force such as the Darkness without angelic help. If God and the archangels aren’t available, should we assume that some less powerful angels (such as Castiel, Hannah and others we’ve met over the last few years) will at least be able to help fight back against the Darkness?

(3) What are the Ramifications of Killing of Death?

In a shocking move, Dean killed Death to avoid killing Sam in the Supernatural finale. While Dean did this to save his brother’s life, it’s obvious he didn’t really consider the potential ramifications of killing one of the universe’s oldest beings. Death has always been about maintaining the natural order of things on Supernatural, which is precisely why the Winchesters anger him so much: they keep screwing up the natural order.

The reaper lore has shifted on Supernatural throughout the years, with reapers recently being classified as angels. The closing up of Heaven affected the reapers’ work, but Death managed to stay out of that whole debacle. Still, what happens now that Death — the head reaper — is gone? Will this have an impact on the reaping of souls or the state of souls in the afterlife? Will reapers continue to do their work even without their boss in the picture?

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