Supernatural: Questions for Season 11

by Clarissa / May 21, 2015

(4) Is Rowena a New Big Bad?

Rowena has proven herself a clever character. Her dislike for her son, Crowley, is clear, but she was also content to use his position as the King of Hell for her own gain. When that didn’t work, she allied herself with Sam and was able to steal the Book of the Damned right out from Castiel and Crowley’s noses. Now she’s armed with unspeakable power and a desire for revenge. She’s already managed to imprison high ranked Grand Coven witch Olivette (who was responsible for casting her out of the coven and sending her on the run for so many years) as a hamster, so what’s next for Rowena?

She left the abandoned distillery in the finale thinking that Castiel will kill Crowley for her, but what’s her next step? Will she try to take over Hell, thinking that her son is dead and the throne is unoccupied? Or will she simply unleash havoc on the earth in an attempt to gain immeasurable power?

(5) Will Crowley Work with the Winchesters and Castiel to defeat Rowena?

It’s clear Crowley has little love for his mother and would be happy to see her gone. Unfortunately, she’s now running free and is armed with a great deal of power.

When Sam attempted to kill Crowley under Rowena’s orders, he reawakened Crowley’s “evil side”. But Crowley did agree to help Castiel save Dean and seems to regret Dean not remaining his BFF after the pair raised a little hell while Dean was a demon. So is he willing to team up with the Winchesters and Castiel to defeat his mother or will he be more eager to figure out a way to defeat her on his own?

Even more than that, will we start to see the old, evil Crowley return now that he has a proper foe to go up against?

(6) Will Cas be Free of Rowena’s Attack Dog Spell?

Things are not looking up for Castiel right now. When Rowena double-crossed both him and Crowley, she also put her “attack dog spell” on the angel, turning him into a feral creature who is hell-bent on killing Crowley. We’ve seen Rowena use this particular spell before, but in one of the cases it killed the person who was under its control. Still, will Castiel be able to fight the effects?  If Castiel succumbs to the spell fully, how is Crowley going to get out of this one? Will we see a showdown between the demon and the angel in the season 11 premiere? Will Rowena need to enact a counter-spell to free Castiel will her control? Or will she want to use the angel as a weapon against others? This isn’t the first time Castiel has been controlled by an external force, so here’s wondering if he’ll be Rowena’s pet for a while.

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