Supernatural: Questions for Season 11

by Clarissa / May 21, 2015

(7) What About Metatron and the Demon Tablet?

When we last saw Metatron in episode 10.18 “Book of the Damned”, the former angel had taken off with the demon tablet. As a human, he may not have been that big of a problem for Castiel and the Winchesters. But he possesses the skills needed to read the tablets (seeing as he wrote them) and who knows what he can do with that kind of power.

What can Metatron accomplish with this particular tablet? We know that the demon tablet contains spells to create a weapon against demons and, most importantly, how to close the Gates of Hell. Of course, it’s unlikely that Metatron will want to accomplish that seeing as the trials result in the death of the person who is attempting to close the Gates. We also learned that the demon tablet can fully open the Gates of Hell, allowing demons out to roam the earth. Is this Metatron’s plan? Will he unleash Hell on earth? Or will he simply use the demon tablet as a bargaining chip to get his stolen grace back from Castiel? Considering how furious he is at the angels for capturing him after his failed attempt to become the new God, it’s likely that he has a personal agenda against them and against Castiel and will try to use the demon tablet to their detriment.

(8) Will There be Any Further Effects from the Mark of Cain?

This seems like the easiest question to answer, but we have to wonder if there will be any lingering affects of the Mark of Cain for Dean. While we assume that he’ll no longer be homicidal now that the Mark has been removed, will he continue to feel any residual effects of the Mark? Certainly the psychological trauma might stay with him for a while, but will he bury it now that the Winchesters have the Darkness to fight?

Perhaps even more importantly, will the Mark of Cain resurface in the sense that it may once again be needed to contain the Darkness? We’re unsure how the Winchesters will be able to fight this force or whether God and/or the angels will pitch in to help, but will a second Mark be created to serve as a trap again? And if it is, who might wear it? That may be a question beyond season 11, but it’s definitely on our minds.

(9) Are the Winchester Brothers Back on Track?

We’ve seen a lot of discord between the Winchester brothers in recent years. The Mark of Cain, in particular, drew a wedge between them, as did the events leading up to Dean taking on the Mark (the Gadreel situation). This season on Supernatural, we saw Sam utterly determined to save his brother from the mark, while Dean seemed to resist all attempts at help, lest they result in dire consequences. When Charlie died, Dean seemed convinced that Sam going behind his back to decode the Book of the Damned is what got her killed.

When Dean asked Death to help him with the mark, Death promised to put him somewhere where he wouldn’t hurt anyone ever again….but in order to do that, Dean had to agree to kill Sam (because Sam would never give up on finding a way to bring Dean back and get rid of the Mark). This led to a fight between the brothers, before Sam gave up and told Dean to kill him in order to guarantee he wouldn’t hurt anyone else ever again. But Sam gave a tearful and emotional speech to Dean and showed him a photo of the two of them as children, along with their mother. Reminded of his love for his family, Dean was unable to kill Sam.

Now the pair have been swallowed up by the Darkness. We don’t know how the Darkness will manifest or what will happen to the brothers, but we do hope this is a challenge they’ll face together. Now that their biggest problem is from an external foe (the Darkness) rather than an internal one (like the Mark of Cain), here’s hoping that the brothers will team up to fight this terrible force together. It’s likely there’s more emotional drama and healing coming our way, but the finale seems like a building block for a stronger relationship going forward. Provided they can agree on a suitable course of action regarding the Darkness and fight it together.

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