Supernatural Roundtable: The 25 Best Episodes

by Clarissa / May 20, 2015
spn christmas

Episode 3.08 “A Very Supernatural Christmas” (Written by: Jeremy Carver)

Supernatural is not the type of show that does yearly holiday episodes, which makes this one particularly unique. Like other episodes that focus on the brothers, this one tugs at your heartstrings. Flashbacks to a Christmas with young Sam and Dean (where Dean proves that he has always been trying to make life better for his baby brother) are both sad and touching. Interspersed with these scenes is the looming and terrible future that awaits both Dean and Sam as Dean’s time on earth is running out. Plus, the pagan gods who were villains in this episode were just plain old hilarious.

lazarus rising

Episode 4.01 “Lazarus Rising” (Written by: Eric Kripke)

There’s so many standout moments in this episode, from Dean clawing his way out of his own grave to Bobby “testing” Dean upon their reunion to Sam’s desperate confession when he had to admit to Dean that he had failed to retrieve him from Hell. Then there’s the icing on the cake, which is the introduction of the angels at the episode – specifically, Castiel. Striding into the barn with a trench coat and bursting lights, Castiel proved he sure knows how to make an entrance.

levee breaks

Episode 4.21 “When the Levee Breaks” (Written by: Sera Gamble)

“When the Levee Breaks” is a terrifying and sad look into Sam’s psyche, with Jared Padalecki giving a tour de force performance that showcases how utterly haunted Sam is about his past, present and future. As Dean and Bobby struggled against how useless they are to help Sam through his nightmares, the angelic civil war continued to play out in the background. At the end, we’re treated to a terrible and brutal fight between the brothers that is sure to break your heart.

crossroads blues

Episode 2.08 “Crossroad Blues” (Written by: Sera Gamble)

“Crossroad Blues” is where Dean learned that John sold his soul so he could live and it also set up the arc of not only this season, but took us into season 3 in a way that only became apparent in retrospect. This episode could have been a simple monster of the week, but instead it became the epicenter of the show’s mythology. “Crossroad Blues” introduced true crossroads demons, complete with red eyes, and gave us both sides of Dean: the man who is intensely bitter that his father gave up his life for him — who struggles with the guilt of it — but is also the same man who will shortly do the same for Sam and leave Sam weighed down with that same guilt. Aside from that, this episode still holds its own weight as a standalone, taking in the mystery of Robert Johnson’s brief life and music and seamlessly weaving it into one of the unflinching lores that Supernatural holds in its canon. All that and gorgeous cinematography made this episode a clear standout.

french mistake copy

Episode 6.15 “The French Mistake” (Written by: Ben Edlund)

What can one say about “The French Mistake” except that it’s the crowing jewel of meta on Supernatural? Whether you’re an in-depth fan who understood the inside jokes or a casual fan who couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarious portraits on the walls of “Jared Padalecki’s” house, there’s not a moment of this episode that can’t drive you to tears from laughter. But perhaps the best moment is seeing Sam and Dean acting as Jared and Jensen acting as Sam and Dean. I think “Misha Collins’” ‘what the hell?’ face summed it up for all of us.

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