Supernatural Roundtable: The 25 Best Episodes

by Clarissa / May 20, 2015
in my time of dying

Episode 2.01 “In My Time of Dying” (Written by: Eric Kripke)

Supernatural cruelly kept fans on the edge of their seats with a season 1 finale that involved the Winchester brothers and their father caught in a car crash and then delivered a season 2 premiere that was incredibly poignant and heart-wrenching. The most poignant thing about this episode centered around the sacrifice of John Winchester, a man driven by revenge for so long who willingly gave up both his life and his life’s quest to save his eldest son. He may have been far from the perfect father, but this episode is, in some ways, his redemption, and its message (“familial sacrifice”) is one that has endured throughout Supernatural’s ten season run.

Bad Day at Black Rock

Episode 3.03 “Bad Day at Black Rock” (Written by: Ben Edlund)

When Supernatural does comedy well – and it did it in “Bad Day at Black Rock” – you end up with an episode that can leave you in stitches. This particular episode is a joy and full of memorable one-liners, from “I lost my shoe” (Jared Padalecki was gold during that entire background scene) to “I’m Batman”. Bela proved herself a fun counterpart to the seriousness of the Winchester brothers and Edlund’s ever-increasing bad luck scenarios were hilarious.

monster at the end

Episode 4.18 “The Monster at the End of This Book (Written by: Julie Siege)

Supernatural has always been a show that’s not afraid to break the fourth wall, but this was the first episode where it really took a sledgehammer to it. “The Monster at the End of This Book” is also the perfect blend of comedy and drama, from the Winchesters discovering the book series of their lives to Chuck addressing fans’ complaints via his own critique of his work to the seriousness of the impending war that is addressed in several scenes (including a tense argument between Sam and Dean). Supernatural proved that it’s a unique show when it comes to shining the spotlight on itself and has done so time and again over the years and this was one of the first big steps in doing so.

jus in bello

Episode 3.12 “Jus in Bello” (Written by: Sera Gamble)

This is an example of one of the few bottle episodes Supernatural has done and every moment of it is deliciously tense and dark. Henriksen’s capture of the Winchesters culminated in him joining their side. An interesting cast of side characters and a mass exorcism upped the quality of “Jus in Bello”, giving us clever Winchesters who prove they’ll find a way out of any jam.

swan song

Episode 5.22 “Swan Song” (Written by: Eric Kripke)

This episode is truly Eric Kripke’s master opus, the culmination of a storyline that was years in the making. Pitting brother-against-brother is a sad way to go, but it’s the little moments in this episode that make it heart wrenching. From Chuck’s narration of the history of the Impala to the quiet and fast-moving flashbacks throughout Sam and Dean’s relationship on the show, there’s so much about this episode that’s both emotional and tragic. And it’s such a perfect example of the kind of heroes that Sam and Dean are, with each getting a moment to prove it. Look at Sam’s face as he contemplates jumping into Hell – the abject fear is terrifying, but he goes through with it regardless. And listen to Chuck lament about how Dean wants nothing more to die or find a way to save Sam, and yet he does neither because he made his brother a promise. The Winchesters are flawed men, but this episode showed us how heroic and loving they truly are.

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