Supernatural Roundtable: The 25 Best Episodes

by Clarissa / May 20, 2015
mystery spot

Episode 3.11 “Mystery Spot” (Written by: Jeremy Carver)

This is another perfect blend of comedy and drama, showing us ever increasingly ridiculous ways to kill a character that quickly turned into an emotionally wrought episode full of death and revenge. After enough hilarity to make you breathless with laughter, it’s the little touches that make this episode especially poignant (check out the cheeseburger Sam orders for a dead Dean that remains untouched as he eats his own dinner with military precision). “Mystery Spot” shows us a heart-rending scenario we’ve seen so many times on this show – death and desperation.

what is and what should never be

Episode 2.20 “What Is And What Should Never Be” (Written by: Raelle Tucker)

Supernatural has produced many moving episodes over the years, but perhaps none have been so traumatic as this one. It’s beautiful and sad in showing the simplicity of the kind of life Dean could have had if only things had turned out differently. A mother who is still alive, a brother who is happily engaged, and a beautiful girlfriend. But there’s something strangely sad and almost sinister under the surface of this episode, particularly the loss of the Winchester brothers’ close relationship. It may not be perfect, but it enriches their lives in a way that Dean’s other life did not. And Jensen Ackles’ delivers one of his best monologues in front of John’s grave here, rivalling his monologue over Sam’s dead body in “All Hell Breaks Loose”.

weekend at bobby's

Episode 6.04 “Weekend at Bobby’s” (Written by: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin)

You could consider “Weekend at Bobby’s” to be a bit of a “break” episode, but every moment of it is either amusing or tense and it plays like a behind the scenes look at the show itself. The pop-ins from characters such as Sheriff Mills and Rufus, along with a potential romance for Bobby that’s soured by a wood chipper and a spectacular spray of blood, are all very funny. Poor Bobby is one of the most put-upon but dependable characters in the Supernatural universe and this episode just proves why we miss him so much. Crowley is also in fine form here, from his imitation of Bobby to his utter dismissal of his son.

the end

Episode 5.04 “The End” (Written by: Ben Edlund)

What’s to say about the near perfection of this episode? From the dystopian future to watching Jensen Ackles act opposite a more hardened version of Dean (a task he nails with a high degree of brilliance), “The End” is equal parts amusing, terrifying and tragic. The inclusion of a hedonistic/sassy Castiel and a toilet paper hoarding Chuck are like little gems in a bleak landscape. But it’s the confrontation between Lucifer-Sam and Dean at the end that elevates this episode. Jared Padalecki is superb in that scene, clad in an all-white suit that few could pull off without looking comedic and it’s the color of his suit that brings an even more disturbing edge to the scene. The fact that the episode begins and ends with Dean wanting to separate and then reunite the brothers is a perfect and emotional pair of bookends.

devil's trap copy

Episode 1.22 “Devil’s Trap” (Written by: Eric Kripke)

It’s fitting we end this list with one of the episodes that received unanimous acclaim from all participants in this roundtable and closed out the first season. The first season of Supernatural learned far more heavily on the monster of the week episodes, but when it tackled its mythology, it did it well. We began with an exorcism — one of the most chilling and dramatic scenes of the first season –and we ended with one heck of a cliffhanger. In the middle we had a possessed John Winchester pitted against both of his sons and a family reunion that ended in blood and tears. That’s everything Supernatural is in a nutshell.

On an interesting note, here’s the final count for the writers of our favorite episodes: Ben Edlund – 7, Eric Kripke – 6, Sera Gamble – 4, Jeremy Carver – 4, Adam Glass – 1, Cathryn Humphris – 1, Julie Siege – 1, Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin – 1, Raelle Tucker – 1.







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