Supernatural Season 11 Preview: Darkness is Coming

by Clarissa / September 9, 2015

A pre-biblical entity — known as The Darkness — was released at the end of season 11 of Supernatural and the Winchester brothers were swallowed up by the dark cloud that had just been unleashed upon the earth. This certainly isn’t the first time Sam and Dean have faced a massive enemy, but it is the first time they’ve ever fought something that is said to have existed even before God himself.

Thanks to teasers in the Comic-Con press room, we know that the brothers will be reunited in their right against this new enemy (which fans speculate will manifest as a female named Amara). Producer Andrew Dabb also warned that “we’re also going to see how [the Darkness] impacts Heaven and Hell and monsters and demons and witches and everything else. And everyone is going to come together. Now, some people are going to see it as an advantage. Some people are going to want to fight it. We’re going to make allies where maybe we haven’t made allies in the past.” Elsewhere in the premiere, Crowley will need to figure out how to escape a homicidal Castiel, who was put under the “attack dog spell” by Rowena.

In a new preview for season 11, we see Sam seeking guidance from God about how to handle the Darkness, Crowley in a priest’s outfit, Dean making a Ghostbusters joke and both Cas and Sam being tortured.

Check out a new preview and poster for season 11 below. Supernatural will return on Wednesday, October 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



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