Supernatural: Season 11 Wishlist

by Clarissa / June 24, 2015

The season 10 finale of Supernatural left us with a lot of questions for season 11. As we start to ponder what could happen next season, we can’t help but compose a wishlight of things that we hope will come next as a result of the lingering cliffhangers from the finale. So we came up with a list of nine things want to see in season 11 of Supernatural.

Manifest the Darkness in One Amazing Vessel/Villain

A big question for season 11 of Supernatural is exactly how the Darkness will manifest itself into something the Winchesters can actually fight and I hope it’s as a tangible and memorable villain like Azazel or Lucifer. Dick Roman was a fun character and was played to perfection by James Patrick Stewart, but the political/corporate messaging behind the Leviations wasn’t that engaging. If the show gives the Darkness a specific “leader”, I hope he/she makes for a lasting character with a timeless personality. It’s clear, of course, that giving the Darkness a leader will also require him/her to have a lot of minions/evil under his/her control for the Winchesters to deal with on a more daily basis, but giving them a central big bad to fight against at the end of this particular story arc will provide focus and drive. Despite the silly-sounding name, the Darkness has the potential to be a big bad that the show hasn’t really had in a number of years. And while the Mark of Cain has been an interesting storyline, it would be better for the brothers to have a central villain to fight against once again. The chess board is full of smaller bads like Rowena, Crowley and Metatron, so here’s hoping the Darkness manifests as a memorable villain to out-evil them all. I also suspect that the Darkness likely won’t be defeated in season 11. An evil this old and powerful will likely last at least two seasons (like the Apocalypse storyline), but I’m still hoping we get a chance to meet the newest big bad early on and then see him/her pop up every once in a while before being defeated in the big showdown that is inevitable at the end of season 12 (maybe in the series finale?).

Repair the Winchester Brothers’ Relationship

We’ve seen some serious ups and downs in Sam and Dean’s relationship over the last three years, culminating in Dean’s attempt to kill Sam in order to ensure that the Mark of Cain didn’t turn him into a killing machine. But, of course, Dean couldn’t go through with it. The release of the Darkness is one very unfortunate side-effect of this whole mess, but I’m also hoping it’s an opportunity to give the Winchesters a common enemy and a sense of unity that hasn’t been seen between them for many seasons. While both of them have made mistakes that led to bloodshed in recent years, I’m hoping they hash out their difficulties and then come together again. No more flip-flopping of blame, no more sacrifice in order to save the other and no more brother vs. brother to solve their problems like with the Apocalypse and the Mark of Cain storyline. And, most of all, no more lying to each other about big decisions. Sam and Dean have suffered through conflict since the day we first met them, but when they had a common enemy to fight (like Azazel, for example) — instead of fighting each other — it made for good TV. I expect conflict between them in season 11, but I hope it’s not relationship-destroying or something that leads to a retread of bad habits. Instead, I’m hoping that the two of them team up to fight the Darkness together and learn to work together again after so many years of working at cross-purposes.

Castiel Rounds Up the Angels to Fight Against the Darkness

I’m not sure exactly how Castiel is going to escape control of Rowena’s spell, but I’m certain he’s not going to remain that way forever. Whether Crowley manages to break through his rage or the spell eventually wears off and Castiel survives because he’s an angel, it’s likely he’ll be back to normal in the first one or two episodes of season 11. But what should be a big focus for him once he’s back to normal? Rounding up an angelic army. We know that it took God and his archangels to fight the Darkness the first time around and while archangels aren’t exactly in supply right now, Castiel still has access to a lot of other angels that could help with this looming threat. Since the end of the Apocalypse storyline, it’s been difficult to integrate the angels into the overall mytharc. They’ve been tangentally involved in several ways throughout the last five seasons, but the Darkness is a good opportunity to involve them in a way that they haven’t been since season 5 ended. This is a great chance to introduce engaging new angelic characters in the spirit of Balthazar and Zachariah who can help Castiel and the Winchesters fight back against the Darkness. This would also give Castiel a chance to take up arms against as an angelic warrior and find a new purpose. Now that he has his grace back and has embraced being an angel again, Cas can once again be involved in Heaven’s business and still work on protecting humanity.

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