Supernatural: Season 11 Wishlist

by Clarissa / June 24, 2015

Chuck/God Returns for the Final Showdown

As Supernatural told us, God was integral in the first fight against the Darkness. Now, we know that he doesn’t really like interfering. In fact, he seemed to spend most of the Apocalypse allowing the various actors freedom to choose their own paths. If we assume that Chuck is, in fact, God, then we also realize that God did play a part in the Apocalypse storyline and had his hand in a few pots, guiding the Winchesters along their path. Still, it’s one thing to not interfere in a fight between your two sons (even one that could result in a lot of deaths), but it’s quite another thing to stay silent when a universe-destroying force is unleashed. I hope that the current release of the Darkness prompts God to make a return appearance, even if it’s not until season 12 when the final showdown goes down. How amazing would it be to see Rob Benedict return as Chuck with his usual sardonic wit and provide commentary on the Darkness and the ever-increasing peril the world is facing? Some Supernatural fans have been speculating that Lucifer (and possibly Michael) may need to make a return appearance in this story, seeing as they were both integral (Lucifer even more so) when the Darkness was first defeated. It’s not a bad idea to revisit these characters (although who knows what form Michael may take), but if their release from Lucifer’s cage means the resurrection of the Apocalypse storyline, count me out. The reintroduction of the characters would be fun, but not the brother vs. brother inevitable showdown. That stroyline was put to rest and doesn’t need to be rehashed. Still, even if Lucifer and Michael can’t be released from Hell without risking another Apocalypse, at least let God/Chuck return for a final appearance before the series ends.

More and Better Integration of the Men of Letters Storyline

When the Men of Letters mythology was first introduced in Supernatural several seasons ago, it was a breath of fresh air in a long-running show. Not only an opportunity for a new cool homebase, the bunker and the Men of Letters proved a valuable source of information. While the MOL has been revisited many times over the years, we still haven’t really had an opportunity to revisit it in depth. Sure, the institution itself is gone, but there’s valuable information stored in all of its books and files. I’m hoping that the Winchesters will have an opportunity to better utilize the knowledge collected to fight against witches like Rowena or even the Darkness (did the Men of Letters know about it?). It would also be great to see more flashbacks such as the ones we saw in the Werther Project. The Winchesters could have easily simply learned the information in that episode via reading a file, but integrating an actual MOL flashback brings depth to its members and gives the institution more weight. And I’ll take any opportunity to see another flashback with Henry Winchester that could provide valuable information for his grandsons in the present day.

Better Integration of Other Hunters

We’ve met other hunters throughout the years on Supernatural, but there’s been a pretty big lack of them in recent years. We had a chance to meet Rudy towards the end of season 10, but he met an unfortunate demise thanks to Dean’s carelessness. The Darkness, like the Apocalypse, is a huge problem that could really benefit from the introduction of other hunters to help the Winchesters. We’ve met some memorable and recurring hunters throughout the years (think: Ellen, Rufus and Garth) and I’m hoping for a chance to meet some new ones. Of course, it’s always good to meet people that Dean and Sam have a history with, even if it’s one off-camera, and I’m also hoping that none of them have a vendetta against the brothers themselves, since that’s not really productive. Speaking of hunters, it would also be great to see Cole again in this novel role he now occupies in the Supernatural universe (a reluctant type of hunter who isn’t all that gung ho about embracing the life). Now that he has all of this new knowledge about what goes bump in the night, will he be content to continue living a normal life or can he help the brothers as another hunter?

The first pieces of news from Supernatural‘s upcoming eleventh season will be arriving on Sunday, July 12 when the show appears at Comic-Con, so stay tuned for spoilers from that! 

Supernatural returns with all new episodes this fall on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.






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