Supernatural Casting News: The Ghostfacers Will Return in Season 9

by Clarissa / November 25, 2013

SupernaturalComing out of this weekend’s Supernatural convention was an interesting piece of casting news: the Ghostfacers are set to return in season 9. We were able to confirm with The CW that this is, in fact, true! A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester will return as Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, respectively, during the second half of the season (which will kick off in January 2014), but further details are currently under wraps.

It’s a long-running joke (in a very sad way, most of the time), that Supernatural tends to kill its recurring characters. When the show lost Jim Beaver, who played Bobby Singer, it actually lost the few remaining characters from the first season. Beaver first appeared in the season 1 finale and lasted until season 7, occasionally returning in seasons 8 and 9 as a ghost or a dream character. To refresh your memory, Ed and Harry are some of the last few recurring guest stars from the first season to have never been killed. The pair first came across the Winchesters in the season 1 episode “Hell House”, where they revealed themselves as whimpy — but hilarious! — would-be ghostbusters. They later appeared in the season 3 episode “Ghostfacers”, which was shot as a documentary-style episode. The Ghostfacers, as the duo now called themselves, had secured themselves a few additional team members as they investigated the paranormal. Finally, we last saw the pair in the season 4 episode “It’s a Terrible Life” in a set of instructional videos that an alternate-reality version of Sam and Dean watched as they were first exposed to the supernatural world.

Any guesses as to what will bring the Ghostfacers back to the show now? Are you happy about the news? Let’s hope the show won’t bring them back after all this time just to kill them off!

A new episode of Supernatural will air on Tuesday, November 26. For more spoilers, reviews, photos and clips, visit our Supernatural page.

Clarissa is Managing Editor at ScreenFad and former Managing Editor of TVOvermind. A lover of genre shows (like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries) and quality dramas (like The Good Wife and Homeland), Clarissa provides on set and event coverage as well as news, spoilers and reviews for all things TV and movies. Follow her at @clarissa373 or email her at clarissa @

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  • anonym

    I hope they do kill them off. Worst characters on supernatural ever. Never found them funny, just over the top. The comedy was forced. It never came naturally like on Tal Tales or changing channels. It was more like “those characters are supposed to be funny, now you have to laugh”. I hoped to never see them again.

    • Meeko

      I totally agree with you, ghostfacers are my biggest pet peeve character wise in the world of Supernatural. They drive me up the wall, so this news is like “meh, nooo!” XD!

    • Peter J4

      I felt like there was too much making fun of fans. The show has change a lot since then so I hope the writing will be different.

  • Kristen M. Magurno

    I love the Ghostfacers!!!! They’re so funny. I got to meet AJ and Travis this year at NJCon and they are such nice guys and hilarious together. I can’t wait to see them all again!!!! <3

  • Sarah Joseph

    Yep – as announced at Asylum 11 in London three weeks ago… keep up ;-)

  • Eva

    I love them so I’m happy. A bit of fresh air: two more humans amongst too many angels. I wish the show returned to the human characters.