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Supernatural Spoilers: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Talk What’s Next for Sam, Dean and Castiel (Video)

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SupernaturalSupernatural has returned for its ninth season and, much like the beginning of previous seasons, the Winchester brothers are facing nearly insurmountable odds. Last year at this time they were separated, with Sam having spent the previous year alone – and then with a new girlfriend – after Dean had been accidentally sent to Purgatory.

This year’s premiere, however, picked up shortly after the season 8 finale (this is one of the few times that has happened in Supernatural’s history, because usually the premiere jumps forward in the timeline). Sam was lying in a hospital bed when the episode began, having gone into a coma after the brothers chose not to let Sam finish the Angel Tablet trials. Sam was at death’s door (in a very literal way, as Death himself appeared to reap Sam), but Dean refused to accept his brother’s inevitable demise.

When a prayer to a newly-human Castiel didn’t result in a miracle cure for his brother in the Supernatural premiere, Dean put out an open prayer to any angel willing to help Sam. While several angels turned up to get information about Castiel’s whereabouts, one angel – Ezekiel – was willing to help Dean. But weakened from the Fall, he couldn’t simply heal Sam. Instead, he and Dean concocted a plan to allow Ezekiel to possess Sam until both the younger Winchester and the angel were fully healed.

During a recent visit to the Vancouver set of Supernatural, we had an opportunity to chat with stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles about the secret guest now residing within Sam, Dean’s struggle to keep the secret from his brother and where Castiel (last seen on his own and having gotten rid of his signature trench coat) will end up next. Check out some spoilers below and make sure to watch the video as well.

The Angel Surprise. When asked what they thought about Sam’s, ‘cure’ in the season premiere, Jared said “I was really excited about the angel turn, obviously, I thought that was kind of cool, fun idea. A fun way around that we haven’t yet done. We’ve had angels bring back and had Death bring back, but to have an angel kind of embody Sam, I thought was a fun, scary thing to play. So I was really excited about that.”

Ezekiel’s New Vessel. We saw that Ezekiel has the ability to take over Sam’s body and communicate with Dean when he wants, although Dean has made it clear that Sam is never to know that he’s being possessed by an angel until Ezekiel can leave him be. But we will be seeing Ezekiel “through Sam” again, Jensen warned. “It’s fun for [Jared] as an actor because [he] all of a sudden gets to play [two people]….one moment he’s Sam and the next moment he’s playing a completely different character.”

Check out our behind the scenes tour of the Men of Letters bunker

Secrets Redux. It’s a well-known fact among Supernatural fans that secrets between the Winchester brothers never end well. The only people who don’t seem to know that are the Winchesters themselves. Case in point: Dean is keeping Ezekiel’s possession of Sam a secret from his brother and will be doing so for several episodes. How will Sam react when he finds out? Jared hypothesized that “when I think it comes to fruition, I think obviously Sam’s not going to be happy. I mean, we see Sam with Death kind of making good with it. Kind of making the decision to finally go, like, ‘alright, I’ve done some good. I can walk away’ and Bobby telling him, you know, ‘you’ve done your bit. No one gets to leave a legacy like that, so be happy’. So we see Sam kind of come to terms with ‘you know, I’ve led a good life, and I’ve done my damnedest and I’ve done some bad, unfortunately, but I’ve tried to do good’. And so we see Sam come to a point where he’s happy to move on. I think with the fact that Sam finally found that place, I think he’s going to be unhappy, obviously, that his brother lied and has been lying to him. That never works out well.”

Dean’s an Island. Dean’s in a very difficult position at the beginning of season 9. He can’t tell his brother the secret he is keeping from him and he doesn’t have Cas around for moral support either. So who is Dean leaning on? Unfortunately, the answer is no one, according to Jensen. “It is a bit of an eggshell situation for Dean that he’s not used to…well, I say that but he probably has at some point in the past 9 years. But, yeah, as far as leaning on anyone, he doesn’t have Cas, and he doesn’t have his brother, he doesn’t have his support system like he used to. He’s got his car and his music. The beginning of the season has been a little difficult for him because he kind of feels like he’s on an island of his own and that’s a situation that he doesn’t like to be in.”

SupernaturalCastiel’s Human Journey. In the Supernatural premiere, we saw Dean tell Cas to find a way to survive as a human and start looking out for himself, because he’s no longer powerful enough to defend himself against the angels who are hunting him. Unfortunately, Castiel, like Dean, is going to find himself alone, even after he reunites with the brothers. “He’s got to come to terms with, you know, his kind of new-found situation. Cas has always been a very useful tool for the boys. And, you know, now that there’s a big change there, in his adjustment the boys are going to kind of have to adjust to him and his situation as well,” Jensen said. “So he runs into an issue with a female and then [Dean tells] him to get his ass back to the bunker. But then because he’s there and because of what Sam’s going through with his situation there’s a bit of a conflict there.” Factions of angels are hunting Castiel, Jared explained, and Ezekiel feels it’s unsafe for Castiel to be around them. Jensen went on to say that “Cas doesn’t have the power that he needs to defend himself or to protect himself or to protect us, so Dean literally has to sit down with him and be, like, ‘you gotta go’. That then sends Cas out on his own to fend for himself, which we come to find out…I think in the last episode [episode 7], we come to find out where he’s been and what he’s been doing and that’s pretty funny.”

A Familiar Vibe. Jared brought up season 4 when discussing how excited he is about this season’s mytharc. “ I think the storyline for this year…I truly am so excited about it. I’m really excited to sink my teeth [into it]. Both into what I get to do with Sam and Ezekiel and what not but also just the angels on earth and the different factions of warring angels…I’m really into it. It has a sort of, I don’t want to say season 4 feel to me, but it has this feel that the boys aren’t just doing monster of the week type thing or just one-off Dorothy, Changing Channels type things, but we actually have another war going on that we need to try and figure out.?

A new episode of Supernatural airs on October 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Stay tuned for more from our set visit before episode 9.04 of Supernatural, which will signal the return of Charlie and provide more backstory on the Men of Letters….complete with some Wizard of Oz mythology added in!

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  • Miss Supernatural

    Thank you for the interview!

    Was Sam really “happy to move on”, though? Because when Dean -or Ezekiel, I don’t know – asked him to not go, that he had a plan he accepted. I don’t think he was as happy to go.

  • Maisie



  • Steph C

    I was so happy with the pilot and then I saw this… Dean telling Cas to go when he knows Cas can’t defend himself? What part of that makes ANY sense, considering some of Dean’s first words to Cas this season were to tell him to get to the bunker and to keep himself safe? How does this gel with the man who tore apart Purgatory and stayed there a year just to find Cas?

    I’m hoping there’s a really, REALLY good reason for this, because right now I’m really not looking forward to episode 7, no matter how “funny” Jensen thinks it is.

    • Mel

      This bugs me too, but I’m almost certain it has to do with Ezekial, whom I don’t trust at all. Dean wouldn’t just throw Cas out to the wolves.

      • Steph C

        I’m hoping so, but in any case… I just want Cas to have a family. I want him to have people he can rely on, people he can trust in times of trouble. From the sound of the spoilers, I don’t think Cas has that. (This is reminding me uncomfortably of S6…)

        • Mel

          I agree completely, but Misha is a regular this season. As far as we know he’ll be in 4 episodes of the first 9, that would leave at least 9-10 episodes left on his contract for the 2nd half of the season, meaning Cas will find his way back to the Winchesters for good.

          • Steph C

            I hope you’re right… just, with the spoilers about a possible Cas hookup and Dean leaving Cas to fend for himself…

            These are not the characters I’ve fallen in love with over the last few years. These aren’t even characters I have any interest in watching. (tbh, if Dean tells Cas to leave, I hope he has to really work to earn back Cas’s trust. He’s going to have a job getting back mine. After S6, it took me most of S8 to forgive Dean, and that was on the assumption that he’d continue treating Cas like a person and not a tool.)

      • Bot1

        I don’t think Ezekiel is out of line for not wanting Cas with them. I mean Cas is attracting all these angels that want to kill him (and anyone who gets in their way). Dean has already almost been killed twice by angels trying to get to Cas, and would have already been dead had it not been for Ezekiel saving him in the hospital parking lot. Now Ezekiel is to weak to help, Sam is still recovering from his coma, and Cas is human. This doesn’t really leave Dean with that much help against these angels with super strength. I’m just saying, I can see why Ezekiel doesn’t want Cas with them, and why Dean might let Cas go. Sams safety is #1 to Dean after all, and like he said in the season 8 finale, there’s nothing he would put in front of Sam. I’m (pretty) sure Dean is not just gonna give Cas the boot out the door, he may even teach Cas how to lay low, stay safe, You don’t know.

        • Steph C

          I’m pretty sure Dean isn’t going to leave Cas without any protection, but I did think that Cas was family too… I could understand Ezekiel telling Dean that it’s not safe for them to keep Cas with them, but I don’t understand Dean being anything but angry at the idea that they’d reject a family member.

          The only way I understand Dean telling Cas to go is if it’s for Cas’s own safety. Like, if it’s somehow safer outside of the bunker for Cas, then I could understand Dean telling Cas to leave, but I don’t see either Dean or Cas being happy about it.

          • Bot1

            I definitely think that Dean will give Cas a weapon for protection before he leaves, also, nobody said that Dean is gonna be happy to tell Cas to go, I’m sure when the scene comes he’ll be unhappy about the situation and be sad to let Cas go, lot’s of people are reacting kinda like Dean gonna throw Cas out the door, maybe yell “Good Luck” and then slam the door on him, lock it, not even care. But I think that he’ll be pretty sad to tell Cas to leave, and it could end up being a very emotional scene.

          • Steph C

            I’m sure it’ll be a very emotional scene. I don’t think Dean would enjoy kicking Cas out, but from the sounds of it, he does it anyway.

            Hopefully, it’s somehow safer for Cas outside of the bunker and that’s why Dean has to tell Cas to go. I don’t think Dean would make Cas leave just to protect himself and Sam; I think Dean would rather face it together, but if it’s a matter of Cas’s safety, that’s different.

          • Bot1

            …I’m honestly stumped, I can’t think of a single reason why Cas would be safer away from the bunker, maybe you could give one?

          • Steph C

            I’m stumped too. I can’t think of why he’d be safer away from the bunker either, but I don’t see Dean abandoning him (even if it would be safer for Dean and Sam, even if he gave Cas a weapon) if he knew that Cas was safest with them.

          • Bot1

            Eureka! I’ve got a theory, it could be a combination of all those reasons. Dean knows he can barely take the angels and wants to make sure Sam isn’t in to much danger while he’s healing, and Dean also suspects that the angels will think Cas is with the brothers, so he would be safer by himself, with no links to trace him with.

    • Erica


  • Lisa Ravenscroft

    I just watched the premiere episode and completely adored it! I was so happy and excited about Supernatural again (finally) and then I made the mistake of coming here and reading this. :( I’m starting to wish I’d just learn to skip reading any interviews about the show. I don’t get it. Cas finally gets to the bunker with them and then Dean tells him to leave…after Dean told him tonight and according to Jensen will tell him again to come to the bunker? That is just one of the most disheartening and upsetting things I’ve heard about this season, right there along with the love interest crap that I don’t want to see at all. Why can’t they just let Cas stay with Dean and Sam and the three of them be a team together? And for the love of all that is holy, why can’t Jensen and Jared (much as I love them) refer to Cas as Sam and Dean’s friend or ally instead of calling him a tool all the time? The show makes it perfectly clear that Cas is their friend and not just a tool that they use. I swear to Chuck, being a fan of this show is worse than any roller-coaster I’ve ever even looked at with the ups and downs of it.

  • ren

    i thought being an angel vessel you have to be a part of a certain bloodline? why can Ezekiel just possess Sam like that?

    • Shizuko Nishimura

      Well he was Lucifer’s vessel…but I always figured every angel had their own special bloodlines so…maybe there is some truth to that theory going around that Ezekiel could be Lucifer in disguise and HELLO 2014!

      • Coralee Whitsitt

        That’s a very interesting theory. We don’t know yet if the 2014 we saw in S5 has been averted. It could be set in stone. But think about this. In S5, when Lucifer was in his alternate vessel when trying to get Sam to say yes, it started to disintegrate and rot the longer he was in it. My theory is that the bloodline vessels are specifically in tune with a particular angel or possibly set of angels, but angels can take anyone for a vessel that says yes. But anyone outside their bloodline vessels, because they don’t have the connections that true vessels do, simply aren’t capable of handling the angel they harbor and simply burn out. Now, because Sam is the true vessel of Lucifer, an archangel, he’s most likely, more than capable of harboring a lesser rank angel and may not experience the same burn out as other angels no doubt will go through, desperate to land and either take their revenge against Cas or try to help him or seek him for guidance.

    • kit

      The more powerful the Angel the stronger the vessel. If you are a vessel for Lucifer (arch angel) you can be a vessel for any other Angel. Castiel is a more powerful angel than Heil hence why she wanted his vessel because the vessel she got to consent from was meant for a weaker angel than her. The problem with this is that of course Micheal and Lucifer are equals so hypothetically there was never any reason Sam couldn’t host Michael instead of Lucifer and Vice versa.

    • Johnny Martinez

      Remember Sam and dean were to become vessels of lucifer and Michael!

  • Shizuko Nishimura

    I’m so, so confused with the Dean asking Cas to leave comment… Like, seriously, when has Dean ever told Cas to take a hike? Whenever they’re fighting he always seems to want them to work it out TOGETHER! Like in 6×20 when they find out he’s working with Crowley Dean still wants to work it out. Searching for a friggin’ year in Purgatory for the angel that broke Sam’s wall and made him suffer. Or in 8×22 when he was pissed at Cas for leaving and losing the angel tablet, but he still wanted him to “stay, and get better” at the bunker. And in just this episode he was telling Cas to drop everything and head for the bunker because he’s HUMAN AND HAS NO POWERS NOW. I could go on and on…

    I mean, I know I shouldn’t take spoilers too seriously since they’re usually out of context but…just…this doesn’t seem right, I see no reasonable explanation for this. Seems completely out of character for Dean if we look at his and Cas’ relationship in the past.

  • Kate Escobar

    like so many others already here

    i was happy about s9
    then i come here
    and read this
    and im not sure what the hell im suppose to think
    taking aside shipping
    kick it out
    kick it out now
    shove it aside
    from a FANS POV
    who in theIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BELIEVE THAT DEAN JUST UPS AND DUMPS CAS?! I mean we see in the preview he pretty much BARKS at Cas to get his ass to the bunker and NOW its “CAS you gotta go man im sorry” im just ?????!!!!!!!!!!! what?! That’s not Dean! Dean wouldn’t DO THAT. Go back and re-watch s6 or better yet re-watch s8! I’m telling you Dean always want Cas there and they somehow WORK things out and FIX IT. So for me as a fan/viewer [NOT using ANYthing shippy cuz that pisses people off faster than a fly does on a cow’s ass] that really upsets me. and it hurts because its like…if you want to bring in drama? you want drama in this show? how about you do a TOTAL shocker and actually HAVE Dean/Cas COMMUNICATING. talking with each other or SOMETHING. Heck if you need to have Cas hanging with Kevin in the background. But not this. This sounds like Dean listens to Ezekiel and he’s like “yo man sorry you’re collateral damage lets go hit the trail goodbye send you a postcard around Christmas goodbye!” *slam door* i just ??????????????? im not happy with this. i swear this better be put in a type of wording cuz if this happens like they say this is….idk what im gonna do. i want s9 to really be the best season. the boys were so excited for this season. so are fans even though other fans did their best to destroy their happy dreams for s9…i want enjoy this season. but this? this is almost going a little too far.

  • Tessa2222

    “Cas doesn’t have the power that he needs to defend himself or to protect himself or to protect us, so Dean literally has to sit down with him and be, like, ‘you gotta go’.”

    In other words Dean turns into a dick who throws a helpless human – a friend who when he had powers was always there for him and ready to bleed – out on the street where he is hunted by thousands of angels? Simply because they can’t use him like a wet towel anymore and he poses a danger to his special snowflake brother and the angel who possesses him? He didn’t do that to Anna in season 4 when she was in the exact same boat and she wasn’t even a friend. Do these yahoos who write this show even remember their own canon, or is there an agenda to strip Dean not only of every possible storyline but also his kindness and humanity?

    And to think I was so excited over the season I thought about watching it live… Really, DVR is the best so I could fast forward through Dean “sitting Cas down” and being a douche to him.

  • kit

    Wow Dean is a DICK this season. He wouldn’t let Sam die even though he heard how much Sam wanted NEVER to come back and then he’s going to kick Cas to the curb. They made Sam look like an Ass last season and now it’s Dean’s turn.

    • Sara

      But this is what the extreme segment of the Sam fandom asked for and wanted as much as they wanted to see Dean wringing his hands over Sam in a hospital bed. And you can bet that Dean won’t get anywhere near the white paint that Sam got in S8. Nope. And no big myth-arc redemption sl either with everyone and their mother telling Dean how awesome he really is-gosh, oh golly.. Those are only reserved for Sam. I challenge the showrunner, producers, and writers of this show to prove me wrong in this and NOT make Dean the guilty scapegoat this season, instead of the guilty cheerleader(Jensen Ackles own description of his character in the second half of S8) that he was relegated to last season.

  • Alicia

    I’m seriously as disappointed as everyone else about the Dean kicking Cas to the curb thing. I’m sure that Cas will agree with him and will have been wanting to leave to protect them..but…it seems very cruel to throw out their friend when he can’t defend himself. I just don’t understand it..

    • josh

      seriously, i can’t believe dean will kick cas out of the bunker just like that. just because ezekiel thinks it’s not safe to have him there?? wtf, it’s like sending him out there to die. There’s gotta be another factor here, or it won’t make sense

  • josh

    just no.
    Dean can’t kick Cas out and leave him to die
    Dean won’t handle Cas to the angels.
    I’m serious, it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Divine Descent

    I think this summer should have taught us not to look too deeply into what’s said in interviews. These guys are great at misdirection. I very serioisly doubt that Dean will just kick Cas to the curb. I do think that he could be tricked into doing it ‘for Cas’ own safety.”

    I’m actually hoping to see Dean make some bad choices with good intentions. I think this will turn out to be one.

  • Debbie webster

    I cant believe what Jensen said about Dean being so callous towards Castiel , i was looking so forward in watching eppisode 9×1 , now this has put a damper on it, so Dean is going to throw Cas to the wolves in a matter of words what a fucking prick, so Cas is no longer his tool he dont want him now some friend he is. I remember he did the same to Benny, turned his back on him when Benny needed him , then when he needed a favour he crawled back to Benny. He will do the same to Castiel because thats what a user Dean is he dont deserve to have friends. Dean was my favourite Winchester not any more. Thank you Carver and Co for destroying a great character for me , i was a Team free will fan now im Team Castiel its his story line im interested in this season and that alone .


    • march

      I’m hoping that it’s just a case of the interview sounding worse than the actual episode. They either need Cas gone from the bunker because Zeke’s afraid to get outed since Cas knows that he was with Sam and Dean at the hospital (but Crowley might have overheard that as well?) or they need a place to store Cas while they do a few MotW’s? I admit I’m waiting for the second half of the season and the mytharc to really kick in.

  • mx11112

    يجني جنسن اكليس. اما سام. وع. وع وع

  • Miss Supernatural

    Thank you, Destielers, for proving with your bashing that you’re no fan of Dean, only Castiel.

  • Kelios

    Love what Jensen and Jared have to say about the season in general and what’s coming up. Their enthusiasm for Sam and Dean and their story makes me happy! I’m really looking forward to what comes next–the premier was such a huge wash of emotion that I’m still trying to make sense of it all. Can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow, and I’m even more excited for next week!

  • Coralee Whitsitt

    Reading about Dean telling to Cas he has to leave at some point…don’t get me wrong, that made me frown. But you have to think about the events that lead up to this decision. We don’t know for sure if Ezekiel has an ulterior motive for talking Dean into sending Cas off on his own. It could be he truly believes that it’s the best course of action. We just don’t know yet, so I find this to be just another little tidbit to file away and wait for the story to unfold for the context to this spoiler. Who knows…it could bring about a situation that will have the brothers and Cas growing closer together in terms of friendship and family.

  • Who?

    I’m so excited for this season! I’m honestly impressed with the set up. Let’s hope it plays through all right!

  • Jr2290

    I just watched ‘I’m No Angel’.
    I did not like the way this episode ended. Everything was going along great. Dean found Cas again. Cas died. Dean had a mini breakdown about it. Ezekiel saved him. Cas was with his true family. They were on easy street.

    I guess it means either the
    writing and the plot of this episode is really good that it made me so upset,
    or it’s just that the direction Cas’ angle may be taking just pissed me off in

    Seriously. I have never in my
    life felt so moved by a character on a TV show as I have been by Castiel,
    kudos to Misha Collins. Phenomenal actor. Makes you feel like you are right
    there suffering with him. And even to see a fictional character treated like
    garbage just… it makes you want to seriously punch someone. There is enough
    people out there just throwing their friends and family away in real life. This
    may be the most gutless and horrible ways to make someone want to watch this

    The ending was so unexpected. It
    seriously made me mad. I could not believe Dean actually had to tell Cas that
    he couldn’t stay, and what made it worse was that Dean had to hear how happy
    Castiel was to be home. A real home. Something he seriously never had.

    All because of that douche bag
    Zeke. I mean logically he was right and he was seriously helping Dean and Sam
    out, but there is always a way. They could work it out whatever it was. All
    they needed to do was ink him up with the angel warding again. But now Dean had
    to do the lowest of the douche-baggy things he has ever done. You don’t just
    throw away family like that.

    Jeremy Carver… in my opinion,
    this is not a great way to promote the friendship between the boys. I just hope
    that Dean at least gets to explain to Cas why he had to leave and that
    they can at least take care of him by sending him money and making sure he is
    alright. It looked like it broke Dean’s heart to do that to his friend.

    And I hope that Cas does not hold
    it against Dean. God, he’s going to feel so abandoned. I seriously hope it does
    not cause a rift between Dean and Cas, that Cas might want nothing to do with
    Dean from this point.

    I hope at least that they don’t
    keep Cas away from them for long.

    Oh and Carver… Zeke is a
    douche-bag. He needs to go…. you would have been better off having them
    traveling with Cas to motel after motel… that’s really dicey deciding to just
    have Dean throw away family like that, since family is always the most
    important thing to him.

    Not off to a great start.

    I might be jumping the gun, but I
    don’t really care what others think of my opinion of my comments on this
    episode, but I really honestly believe at this point, being that Castiel is my
    favorite character on the show, if they abandon Cas for a long period of time
    and they don’t at least explain it and make him understand or make sure he is
    okay with a phone call every day to check up on him, there is a possibility
    that I will not continue to watch Supernatural from here on.

    It just seems like they are going
    to push Cas out and then he is going to do what Metatron said; find a wife, make
    babies. Start a new life that doesn’t include the Winchesters. They are family.
    They need to stick together. So like I said, I hope this separation is not

    Not assuming that this is the way
    you are taking the story, but if there are fans out there with the same opinion
    as mine, Jeremy Carver, you are going to lose a lot of loyal viewers on account
    of treating such a wonderful and humble character like yesterday’s trash.

  • Jr2290

    And I agree with the comment before my first one. I am really not looking forward to seeing what happens to Cas. Not unless he is able to understand why Dean told him to leave and they can finally get him back and be a proper, dysfunctional family that they are.

  • Johnny Martinez

    This is probably the most heartbreaking episode I have ever seen of any show. After everything Cas has done for them he’s thrown to the curb. When he’s so vulnerable and in the most need the writers think this is a good plot twist. I can’t believe I’m saying this but this one act on deans part has turned my favorite show ever into a fucking nightmare. God has really left the building folks