Supernatural Season Finale Sneak Peek: Negotiating with Rowena

by Clarissa / May 19, 2015

Unfortunately for Sam, Rowena has him over a barrel in the season finale of Supernatural this week. When he recruited (and then captured) Rowena and convinced her to use the Book of the Damned to cure Dean, Sam agreed to kill Crowley for her. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out in the penultimate episode and Crowley managed to get his groove back and give Sam the slip.

But Sam is becoming increasingly desperate, particularly since Dean went on a rampage in the last episode and massacred the Styne family. Time is running out to save his brother and Sam has thus far come up short in holding up his end of the bargain with Rowena.

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So he approaches her in the finale, armed with bullets that can kill her. But Rowena is a wily woman and quickly makes it clear that she — and only she — is capable of performing the spell to cure Dean, thus rendering all of Sam’s threats useless. Instead, she proposed that the two of them negotiate.

While Sam is trying to figure out a cure, Dean is off trashing hotel rooms and becoming increasingly desperate about his own ability to cure the mark and its effects on him. This will prompt him to call on Death for a solution. Death will agree to help, but will the price be too high for Dean to pay?

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