Supernatural Sneak Peek: To Proceed or Not to Proceed?

by Clarissa / May 10, 2015

The loss of Charlie is going to propel the final push to the Supernatural finale this season. After Dean learned that Sam had been working with Charlie and Castiel to decode the Book of the Damned and its codex, he was furious that they were working behind his back and had kept this a secret from him. Charlie, unfortunately, paid the price when she bailed on working with Rowena and Cas and was found by the Stynes, who are still determined to retrieve the book from her.

In this week’s episode, the Winchesters give Charlie a hunter’s funeral and burn her body. When that’s done, Dean heads out to kill the Stynes in revenge. Sam, meanwhile, returns to the abandoned distillery where Rowena and Cas are still hiding out in to break the bad news about Charlie’s death. When Cas asks what they’re going to do next, Sam tells him they’re going to shut this all down.

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But is that the truth? Sam is still desperate to save Dean from the Mark of Cain so is he really going to give up so easily? And what of the information that Charlie decrypted moments before her death that she sent off? Does Sam even know that she was successful?

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