Supernatural Sneak Peek: A Mid-Life Crisis

by Clarissa / December 4, 2014

Castiel’s recent fading health, his deeper appreciation for humanity after being human himself and his recent experience with Hannah and her choice to give up her vessel on Supernatural have led to a bit of a mid-life crisis for the 10,000 year old angel. When we last saw Cas, he was looking up what had happened to the Novak family after he split with Jimmy’s body in season 4 several years ago.

What he’ll learn in the fall finale is that Jimmy’s wife has either died or gone missing and their daughter, Claire, is now a teenager and living in a group home. He’ll help break her out, but then she splits and he calls Sam and Dean for help in tracking her down. Cue the mid-life crisis, where Dean tries to give Cas advice on how to deal with family — advice he admits he never follows.

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Meanwhile, Dean and Sam have not forgotten about the presence of the Mark of Cain on Dean’s arm, a continuing problem despite him being cured of his demonism. While Dean has insisted that he’s fine, Sam seems rather skeptical, although he seems hesitant to press the issue. But all of this is going to heat up, because the Mark of Cain is going to rear its ugly head and frighten Dean to the point where he asks Cas to kill him if he gets out of control. Knowing that Sam will refuse to take deadly measures against his brother, Dean asks Cas to throw him into the sun….anything to avoid becoming a monster again. But is there another way to save Dean? Will he have to learn to live with the mark or could they get it off him?

Watch a sneak peek below for the Supernatural mid-season finale airing on December 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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