Supernatural Sneak Peek: Discussing Dean

by Clarissa / January 14, 2015

Sam and Cas are worried now that Dean has gone off the rails after his recent massacre when Supernatural returns from winter hiatus. After slaughtering a house full of people in the mid-season finale, even Dean is aware that he’s out of control.

Dean’s solution? To burn off the mark or cut off his arm. But Cas doesn’t think either of those options will help. And, as Sam points out, they haven’t found any solutions in the lore surrounding the Mark of Cain.

Instead, Cas suggests that the Demon Tablet might help. But with it gone, there’s really only one option, as alluded to in a sneak peek for the episode: Metatron. As the author of the tablets, he could possess knowledge that no one else has. Of course, Metatron was the one who killed Dean and turned him into a demon in the season 9 finale, so we can guess how trustworthy he’ll be. In fact, a preview for the return episode shows that he’s much more interested in laughing about Dean’s current predicament than being helpful. But the Winchesters seem eager to beat him into helping them, as evidenced by new photos for the episode.

Watch a sneak peek below and don’t miss the return of Supernatural on January 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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