The 100 at Comic-Con 2015: The Cast and Producer Tease Season 3

by Clarissa / July 10, 2015
The 100

The 100 stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Ricky Whittle and Isaiah Washington, as well as executive producer Jason Rothenberg, came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease the third season of the show.

A Time Jump and the History of the End of the World. Rothenberg says they’re going to have their first time jump between seasons and will pick up a few months after the end of season 2. The show will be very different from past seasons, just as season 2 was different from season 1. Season 2 will examine more “sci-fi” aspects, according to Morley, and fans will learn about how the world became as it did. Morley says he asked Rothenberg about the theme for the season and “it’s kind of about rebuilding. So this year I think there’s going to be more ‘homebody’ stuff”.

Grounder Mythology. They’re going to dig very deeply into the Grounder world in season 3 and we’ll get a better idea of the mysticism of the Grounders and how commanders are chosen. We’ll also be seeing Grounders we’ve seen before who have mutations and will see how it’s affected them to grow up like that.

Clarke’s Emotional Turmoil. Clarke will be on a “walkabout” in season 3. Taylor says that what Clarke did at the end of the season was “so huge and traumatic” and she’s running away, which is “very un-Clarke-like. When we pick things up I think she’s going to be losing it a little.”

Bellamy’s Journey. In the second season Bellamy spent most of the time trying to redeem himself and forgive himself for killing all of those people in episode 1.05. Morley says that from that point onwards, he was trying to do his best to protect The 100. To go into a potential suicide mission into Mount Weather in season 2 was the “only way he felt he could repay the debt”. Morley believes that Bellamy is happy that he could save everyone trapped inside Mount Weather, but it also came at a terrible cost because even those inside who helped him and his friends are now dead. “I guess he’s going to have to try and move on from that,” Morley said. Although, admittedly, it’s going to be difficult to move past being responsible for so many deaths.

Octavia as a Grounder. Where does Ocvativa belong now? Avgeropoulos says that she doesn’t feel like Octavia really belonged anywhere, what with growing up under the floor. But through Lincoln she “really found her place within the world with the Grounders. And they really brought out the warrior in her. So I think she’d have a hard time going back to the arkers”.

Bellamy and Octavia’s Relationship. Morley thinks that the siblings are “on the same page” now, although it’s likely they’ll always have their rifts, especially regarding the Grounders. And with Lincoln back in the camp after his last encounter with Bellamy, it’s likely he’ll have to work things out with his sister’s significant other.

Lincoln’s Moral Compass. Whittle says that the “good thing about Lincoln is that his moral compass hasn’t changed. It’s never wavered”. He’ll continue to make immense sacrifices for his beliefs and for Octavia. In addition, as we know, he’s living among the Arkers now and they really only know Grounders as people who have killed their own people. How would they feel about a Grounder living amongst them? It’s going to be interesting to see those dynamics progress, Whittle says.

What’s Next for Jaha and the “City of Light”? When we last saw Jaha, he had found a beautiful mansion run by an artificial intelligence named Alie who was represented as a female hologram.  And she was in possession of a nuclear weapon. Now, Washington says, Jaha is in possession of the “bigger gun” in season 3 and he has access to the “lady in red”. Will he use it for good or evil? “You know his mindset,” Washington warned, saying that Jaha’s bottom line has become “extremely chilling”. After all, he threw someone off his boat and then only let Murphy alive because he could row.

A Changed Raven. Morgan says that a big thing about The 100 is that the show isn’t afraid to show the ramifications of the actions the characters have made. But often the storylines move so quickly and there is so much immediate danger that you really only get to see a small part of the emotional toll these characters feel as a result of what’s happened to them. In season 3, we will see what losing Finn meant to Raven and what losing Clarke feels like now for Raven. At the end of season 2 she was in a precarious physical situation again, so now she’s worse-off. “It’s even harder to face,” Morgan said. “And emotionally she’s living her life without Finn and feeling that grief”. There will be someone new coming into her life and that will be a new obstacle. Season 3 will be about who Raven is now. We might not see a new Raven, but we will see “a changed Raven”. Season 3 is going to “test her in a different way than any other season has”.

Raven’s Relationship With Abbie. Will they lean on each other? “I think yes,” Morgan said. But Abbie is also the Chancellor and a doctor and not just Raven’s friend, so sometimes being her friend and juggling those other positions “blurs lines” and makes their relationship difficult. As close as they are, they’re going to butt heads a little bit.

Clarke and Lexa. “I suppose there is hope for reconciliation,” Rothenberg said, because the actress playing Lexa will be returning in season 3. But when they meet up again, Clarke is *pissed*, so there will be fireworks in a different way.

The 100 will return for an all new season in 2016 on The CW.












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