The 100 Season 3: The Cast Teases Big Bads and Origin Stories

by Clarissa / August 12, 2015
The 100

After dropping some hints during the Comic-Con press room, the cast of The 100 answered fan questions about the show and teased a few upcoming storylines for season 3, including Clarke’s emotional journey.

-Episode 1 will be different in terms of tone.

-The 100 will “go deep” into how things began (in the press room they hinted that we’ll learn much more about how the world became the one we know from the show).

-Clarke’s solo journey (which she decided to take after being responsible for the deaths of the Mount Weather people), will change her and “play with her mind”.

-The introduction of Alie has cued up a big storyline for season 3 and “she may be the big bad for season 3, although [the executive producer] would say there are multiple big bad coming up”. Finally “if you like sci-fi, this is your season, for sure”.

Watch the fan questions videos with the cast below. A new season of The 100 will premiere midseason on The CW.


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