The 100 Finale Sneak Peeks: Clarke Reaches Her Breaking Point

by Araceli / March 10, 2015
The 100 - Blood Must Have Blood Part 2

The final episode of The 100 season 2 is here. And with no army outside, no army inside and no actual plan, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has her back up against the wall.

Over the course of the season, Clarke has only tried to do what’s best for her people. Hiding the truth about the missile coming for Tondc and trusting Lexa to help them defeat Mount Weather might not have been good ideas at the time, but those events still led them to this point.

However, Clarke is nothing if not resourceful. In part two of Blood Must Have Blood this week, she’ll stop at nothing to get inside Mount Weather and take them down once and for all. Meanwhile, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy’s (Richard Harmon) journey to the City of Light takes an unexpected turn, leading us into season three this fall.

How far will Clarke go to save her people? Who will live and who will die? Watch the sneak peeks below and tune in for the finale of The 100 on Wednesday, March 11th at 9pm on The CW.

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