The Big Bang Theory Sneak Peek: Working Up a Sweat

by Alan Eggleston / October 19, 2015
The Big Bang Theory - The Perspiration Implementation

Our favorite geeks work up a sweat over exercise, a relationship, and a marketing ploy.

First, let’s catch up on last week’s The Big Bang Theory. Things became awkward when Leonard tried to move his belongings from his apartment with Sheldon across the hallway into Penny’s apartment. Already feeling estranged by Amy, Sheldon now felt abandoned by Leonard and Penny, so he tried to reboot his life — back to the year 2003, removing most of this living room furniture. When Leonard and Penny saw how pathetic Sheldon’s had life become, they took pity on Sheldon and decided it might be better to keep things the way they had been, settling for a part-time move. That suited Sheldon just fine.

Meanwhile, Raj and Howard organized a two-man “filk” band (folk music with a scifi-fantasy theme) to help Stuart bring some life into the comic book store. They wrote their first song, with lyrics memorializing Thor and Indiana Jones, which everyone agreed was cute, but they preferred something they could dance to. My guess is, the band’s engagement isn’t permanent.

This week, Bernadette buys Howard a Fitbit, hoping it will encourage him to get some exercise, so he takes it to the lab where he exercises it on his lab bench. Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard nerd up exercise with a fencing lesson from Sheldon’s nemesis Barry Kripke, who unnerves Sheldon by showing interest in Amy. And Stuart asks Penny, Amy, and Bernadette for some help interesting women customers in his comic book store. Seems his sofa for breast feeding featuring a video camera for monitoring pervs isn’t providing enough motivation.

See the sneak peeks for this week’s new episode of The Big Bang Theory below, and be sure to watch “The Perspiration Implementation” tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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