The Big Bang Theory Sneak Peek: Elopement Hangovers

by Alan Eggleston / October 5, 2015
the big bang theory

This week on The Big Bang Theory, the gang is suffering “hangovers” from Leonard and Penny’s elopement.

At the end of last season, Leonard and Penny decided at the spur of the moment to drive to Las Vegas to get married. Then as this season opened, we saw them at the Las Vegas chapel exchanging vows and go to their hotel room for their first night together – only to get into a fight over Leonard’s confession that he not only had kissed another woman but still saw her, but only because she worked at the university.

Last week, the marriage seemed doomed until Leonard and Penny realized they were both subconsciously trying to sabotage the wedding over their needless fears of the success of their relationship: his over feeling unworthy to be married to a woman of Penny’s beauty, Penny feeling that Leonard might really prefer someone of Leonard’s nerdiness. They agreed that was silly and to live on together till the end of time.

Since Leonard and Penny had eloped, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj hadn’t been able to give Leonard a bachelor party and so this week they take him to Mexico for a weekend of fun and frolic – in their nerdy kind of way, of course. Only, they have a flat tire on the way, which tests all their geeky science skills.

Meanwhile, Bernadette and Amy decide that Penny owes her parents a call to tell them that she eloped with Leonard. And Penny isn’t looking forward to the call.

See the video below for a fun preview and don’t miss “The Bachelor Party Corrosion” episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight at 8:00 pm ET/PT on CBS.


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