The Blacklist 2.03 Review: Black Market Parts

by Mel BiJeaux / October 7, 2014

The Blacklist is attempting to settle into it’s procedural formula while still reminding us that Red is still reeling from his showdown with Berlin. While the more procedural episodes are not as enticing as the story arc extravaganzas, this one held a few interesting tidbits about Liz and Red’s relationship.

Even Liz’s subconscious understands that she needed more time with Tom to vet out his accusations about Red, and that she doesn’t totally trust her dangerous benefactor anymore. She may need him, but she doesn’t trust him. It was interesting to see how she envisioned Tom after all this time and that he brought up Naomi as a possible avenue of information about her past. Predictably, even in her dreams, Red silences any hope of understanding what he’s hiding from her and that is extremely frustrating.

The case is relatively simple, bodies showing up with missing parts points to a black market organ harvesting doctor living off the grid. The only twist being that Dr. Covington is providing healthy bits to bad guys in exchange for money to help sick kids who need organ transplants. He’s just not too picky about killing to get what he needs, and in that way, he’s a lot like Red.

Which is, I guess, why Liz doesn’t seem to bothered by the rule breaking. Ressler calling her out on this new found ability to pick and choose which rules to follow and which to ignore proves that Red is influencing her very character development. Sure, she’s been through a lot, but she’s becoming a lot like Red in her ability to ignore her training to do what she has to. This is why i am really starting to love Ressler. Despite his laundry list of problems, he’s going to end up being her grounding rod in the end.

We got an interesting new guest star with Paul Reubens as the supposed emissary of Berlin trying to turn Red’s investment team against him. In reality he’s much less frightening and more of a comic relief as Red cleans his own house of disloyal subjects. Although I don’t know when Reubens has ever been frightening – creepy, yes. Scary, eh… not much.

Liz’s profound paranoia may be paying off in the end, with the mysterious guy stalking her at her motel with his big scary sniper rifle. Does he belong to Berlin? Probably. Connected to Tom, perhaps? Probably. We’re going to have a lot of probabilities until they cut loose with some actual facts.

Maybe Naomi will have some of those facts. She’s obviously no fan of Red Reddington’s. And since he doesn’t want Naomi and Liz to get together, the show seems to keep staggering down the path that Red is connected to or actually IS Liz’s father again. I really wish they’d kill that theory before it floats to the surface.

But you can bet the show will tease, taunt and lead us around by the nose for a while longer, even if the promos for the next episode look enticing with Naomi finally having a face to face with Liz.

The Blacklist returns Monday October 13th at 10/9c on NBC.


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