The Blacklist 2.05 Review: A Plauge On Your People

by Mel BiJeaux / October 21, 2014

Tensions between Red and Lizzie are running higher than ever on The Blacklist, and frankly, I love it. I love that Liz isn’t playing up to his flirtatious banter anymore and is outwardly hostile about the unwanted tail he’s got on her. After this episode, I have a new appreciation of just how devious Liz Keen can be when she has to.

Props to this episode for coming up with the idea of some nutball wanting to rid the world of humans with an ancient strain of pneumonic plague and actually going through with infecting people on a mass scale. Most shows that deal with a possible outbreak scenario have it contained to one or two infectees and then they discover a cure. The Blacklist will whole hog and had people on planes being exposed, an entire section of DC cordoned off in quarantine, and showed in graphic detail what the plague can do.

The show also balanced the A plot with the plague nicely with the B plot of Liz dealing with jealousy over Red’s protectiveness of another girl, and her absolutely brilliant plan of throwing off Red’s sniper spy protector. I really hope we learn that guy’s name. Whatever or whoever Liz has locked up in that warehouse is important enough that she uses a look-alike in order to distract her protection detail so she can have a few hours to herself.

I’m calling it again – I think she has Tom Keen trussed upĀ  and maybe hanging from his toes in that room. I think we’ll finally find out next week!

I loved that they used the bones of a plague victim to extract and weaponize this virus, and there was a DaVinci Code style map to follow. I say we have more cases like this! Of course the timing couldn’t have been more apropos, with talk about Ebola on the news every day right now. I don’t know if that is going to work in the show’s favor or not.

Red seems to have been at the end of his rope in this, trying to find the elusive Jennifer girl who may or may not be his daughter. For Red Reddington to have to suffer through the masses at the DMV, you know he’s desperate. I did find it interesting that Red pointedly asked Liz “who says she’s my daughter?” Oh come on show, stop with all the “who is Red’s ACTUAL daughter” teases and just tell us! If Jennifer is Red’s and all this running around and double talk means nothing, it will be severely disappointing. Ditto if Liz turns out to be his kid, because they spent so much time trying to drill it in our heads that she was not his kid.

Make up your mind, Show.

Liz exposing herself to the plague to help Agent Navabi just proves how much Liz is dedicated to her team. I was very much hoping for a more devastated reaction from Red upon hearing his precious Lizzie was infected with a virus that they didn’t know had a cure, but I’ll take the quiet scene of hand-holding in the hospital.

We’re building up to a Sweeps level epic unavailing of “who’s in the box” in the next episode, and knowing this show, it will be explosive. You have to wonder how Red will take the news that his Liz has been hiding something big from him, and going to extraordinary lengths to do it. And something tells me Agent Cooper may be in on the scheme as well.

Favorite Bits:

– Liz telling Red off for thinking her jealous, and then admitting to it to Navabi.

– Red asking poor Aram to help him find the girl, and scaring Aram to death.

– The little strip show for the Protector, only I was kinda bummed it wasn’t Liz.

– The Protector guy trying to enjoy the strip show while not letting Red know he’s getting a boner for his “mission.”

– Red and the DMV guy squaring off

– Red and Liz in the hospital room.

– Red with the film strip of the girl who may or may not be his kid.

The Blacklist returns on Monday October 27th at 10/9c on NBC.

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