The Blacklist 2.07 Review: Whose Daughter Is She?

by Mel BiJeaux / November 4, 2014

I spent the last five minutes of last night’s The Blacklist changing my mind. I think I went through five iterations of “It’s Red’s daughter – no it’s Berlin’s daughter…no, is she Red’s kid?” And then the reveal and while a lot of fans have theorized that Zoe is actually Berlin’s long lost kiddo, I wasn’t sure until that last moment.

Unfortunately, the big reveal at the end of the episode may have been the best part. Not to say that seeing Liz and Ressler getting in an epic car crash and then figuring out that they’re being gas lighted in a fake hospital wasn’t cool. But that kind of shootem-up action is par for the course for this show. The real excitement lies in getting more pieces to the Red and Lizzie puzzle.

Another unfortunate development of late is the almost complete death of any and all chemistry between Red and Liz. Liz has shut herself off from him to hide her secret of keeping Tom alive – which at this point is a moot gesture because I can almost guarantee Red knows – and Red seems content to let her play out her little game for whatever reason. He’s not pushing her, maybe because he’s afraid of upsetting whatever balance they have. And lets face it, Red’s been a little busy with his own crap.

He’s been charming the young lunch truck owner, Zoe – whom a lot of people thought was his daughter – and then he finally drugs her and carts her off to places unknown. She’s a lynchpin in his dealings with Berlin, because Red needs to get the guy off his back and find out who framed him for the supposed murder of Berlin’s daughter. We also don’t know how Berlin is taking to the fact that his daughter is alive and if he’ll wipe the slate clean with Red.

The case surrounding an Iranian assassin named the Scimitar is pretty cut and dry. The team tries to keep him from killing an American nuclear physicist, and Agent Navabi has history with the guy. Red helpfully provides said assassin for her to take revenge for the death of her brother. And it seems like Navabi is still working for Mossad and the FBI. So her loyalties are still in question.

There is quite a bit of interaction with Liz and Tom in this episode, after the lackluster reveal of Tom in the previous episode. Honestly, Tom’s rhetoric is getting a bit tiresome and it seems like he’s about to outlive his usefulness. The thing is, Tom seems to think Liz is going to off him, when I read her body language and expressions as being totally unsure if she could do the deed when the time comes.

We know Liz kept Tom a secret from Red in order to pump him for information without Red’s interference. We know Red would have put a bullet in Tom before he could tell Liz anything but if all she’s getting from the guy is stuff on Berlin and not on her past, what good is he?

And now that we know Zoe belongs to Berlin and not Red, that leaves the door open for Liz to be Red’s daughter yet again. (an outcome I find hateful, to be honest)

There are still a lot of questions that I doubt will be answered in next week’s fall finale.

– If Zoe is Jennifer then how is she related to Naomi? How did Naomi fit into all of this?

– If Tom doesn’t know anything about Liz’s past then kill him off, because he’s becoming annoying.

– Who set Red up for killing Berlin’s daughter?

– Will someone please get Ressler some help? Liz is dealing with a lot of crap right now but shrugging off his “I can kick this myself” mantra was not the way to go.

The Blacklist returns Monday November 10th at 10/9c on NBC


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