The Blacklist 2.08 Review: When It All Blows Up In Your Face

by Mel BiJeaux / November 11, 2014

This fall finale episode of The Blacklist was touted to be a mind-blowing, turn-everything-on-it’s-head fandom extravaganza. And while it was a pretty awesome episode, full of epically badass moments, nothing that happened wasn’t foretold or foreseen, therefore not so much blowing of minds. Except for that last little utterance from Tom in the very last minute of the episode.

That, dear friends, gave me pause.

It was nice to get a flashback of four months prior, when Lizzie hauled a bloodied and dying Tom off to a safe place, patched him up and proceeded to interrogate him. Tom said she tortured him, and I guess denying medical attention is a form of torture. But I kinda hate the guy so I don’t have a lot of sympathy, so I guess my definition of torture differs from his. But Liz carefully constructed web of lies falls to utter ruin when she doesn’t have enough people working for her to keep the safe house – or safe barge in this case – clear of unwanted visitors.

Watching Liz fight to keep that poor dock worker from being killed to hide her secrets was awful, but it showed just how ruthless Tom can be. And it also drove home how far in over her head Liz was, trying to keep everything together without becoming a murderer (like Red) and without involving Red in the first place. And all of it boiled down to the fact that while she did want Tom alive, she couldn’t let him go after all the crap he brought down on her because she still loved him.

I guess that is what will ultimately keep her from becoming too much like Red, she still has a conscience.

Speaking of Red, I adored seeing him work with Berlin. And Peter Stormare’s wonderful performance as both bad guy and sympathetic father almost made you feel bad for the guy when his daughter rejects him at every turn. It was a forgone conclusion that Berlin would not live til the end of the episode, but I was sad to see him go. I really love an epic bad guy. But I guess there is only room for one epic character in this show, right Red?

Bless Ressler to the moon and back for backing Liz up even when he thought she was making a colossal mistake. Although I had to laugh at his and Tom’s little pissing contest over Liz and the “boyfriend” remark. But at least Ressler called her on being too in love with Tom to see straight as well.

The other twist in this being that the puppet master who set Berlin after Red in the first place, after trying to kill Berlin in Russia with a bomb was actually Fitch. But again, this wasn’t too far out in left field to be a shock – Fitch and his counsel of shadows have been pulling strings since last season, and has never had any love for Red. The fact that he at one time set Berlin on Red’s trail – before Red had his protective ace in the hole – isn’t a stretch. It was, however, horrifying to see him get his head blown off in the Cube. Damn you Show for killing Hawkeye Pierce!

Fitch puts Red on the search for yet more secrets it will probably take us another season to figure out. And Red’s insurance policy against the Powers That Be is called The Fulcrum?

We did get a nice moment of forgiveness between Red and Liz, and I will forever have a soft spot for the way he comforts her.

Then the ending, with Red playing vicious protector of Liz yet again by paying Tom to leave and then we get that one little sentence “I never told her about us…” WHAT?! Does that mean it wasn’t Berlin who put Tom in Liz’s life, it was Red? Because that would be ten kinds of messed up!

A very action packed and suspenseful episode, with a few twists but not so many shocker moments as promised, I have to say this was a pretty good fall finale. I think the worst part was seeing the February date for the next episode!

Favorite bits:

– Berlin and Red conspiring to find The Decembrist aka Fitch

– Berlin trying to reach out to his daughter

– Ressler scolding Liz for her stupidity and then backing her up with Cooper

– Fitch in the Cube making his amends

– What is The Fulcrum?

– Red comforting Liz about the fact that she still has a conscience and a heart after all this.

– Red sending Tom on his way with a deadly warning to protect his Lizzie.

The Blacklist returns in February on NBC after the Superbowl.



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