The Blacklist 2.18 Review: The Great Divide

A sexy frame-up artist who targets the elite is the next blacklister, but real drama revolves around Tom pleading for Liz’s help, forcing her to make a choice between her feelings for her ex and Red. All the while Red pressures Liz for the Fulcrum stating it’s now a matter of life or death on The Blacklist.

by Mel BiJeaux / April 3, 2015
The Blacklist - Season 2

Lots of misdirection in last night’s The Blacklist, and while there were some great moments – particularly from Tom and Liz, and Liz and Red – like always, the Show doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know. I suppose it’s nice to see the actual reactions of the characters as they discover the truth’s we as viewers have already known. But I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was yelling at my TV for Liz to let Red explain about putting Tom in her life.

But we get cut off yet again.

The blacklister herself was mildly interesting, but far more useful as another potential game piece in Red’s ever expanding chessboard. She is probably the best blackmailer in the history of TV, not only taking money from the lite, but even framing them for various crimes with more forensic evidence than the FBI keeps on file. One can see why Red would want her services.

Red’s been having some trouble with that Council of Shadows, and Robin Hobbs – the billionaire Red made sure was in his back pocket for the right moment – was put into play. Some sort of vote with the Council was needed and Hobbs was supposed to ensure a swing vote. Of course there was betrayal and murder and Red was actually pretty desperate for the Fulcrum from Liz.

Fortunately for her, Liz had another lying criminal to go to for help. Tom seems to be just trying to save his own ass, but like Red, he seems to need some sort of redemption through Lizzie. At least Liz was smart enough to be able to say goodbye to tom in the end, even if she may have some lingering feelings for him.

And Tom did at least serve a purpose for the greater good – he told Liz about Red’s hiring him to enter her life. Liz’s reaction was worth the wait, shoving the Fulcrum at Red like she could finally purge him from her life. Irritatingly enough, Red get’s shot before he can explain why he put Tom in her life – which is honestly what I was waiting for all episode.

The Show likes to yank the carrot away from the viewers a little too much these days. I know they have to stretch the story out to fit the rest of the season, but at this point in the season, it’s time for those answers. Now Red is down and bleeding out and you have to admit, that was a hellova shocker.

Not a bad episode, but the disappointment of not learning anything new may have overtaken any excitement from the plot.

Favorite bits:

– Red, Liz and Tom in a Mexican standoff in her hotel , and Red sending Tom away like an angry father shooing off an unwanted suitor for his daughter.

– Tom and Liz talking about truths in their sham marriage, and him admitting that Red gave him the passports.

– Pretty much everything with Liz and Red just before he was shot (aggravating though it was)

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