The Brink Season Finale Recap: Is it the End of the World As We Know It?

by Clarissa / August 23, 2015
The Brink

The season finale of The Brink opened on the aircraft carrier, where Zeke and Glenn were being called to action by their superiors. They promised to fulfill their mission, but it was clear they were still completely out of it. Fortunately, the pair sobered up as the mission went on and they spotted Zaman’s plane.

In Islamabad, Alex insisted to the General and Rafiq that he could get into Zaman’s head. Alex called up Rafiq’s uncle for some help, and he told Alex he could only offer up a little bit of help: Zaman and Alex were pretty similar. While Alex was slightly insulted, he was convinced he could handle this situation.

In Washington D.C., Walter was delivering the bad news about the suicide plane en route to Israel to their government officials. He insisted they could shoot down the plane, but the Israelis wanted to launch one of their own nukes at Pakistan from a sub they had off the Pakistani coast. In the background, the White House was being evacuated, and that’s when the Israelis delivered an ultimatum: if the Pakistani plane came within 1,000 miles of their air space, the Israelis would fire. Walter tried to convince the President not to evacuate the White House, but the President was insistent. So Walter remained behind to “contain this thing” after sending his aide with the President so they could remain in contact.

Back in the Situation Room, Walter was trying to negotiate with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, France and India as each of them tried to take advantage of the pending war. While each of their representatives bickered, Walter got a second wind when his wife arrived to bravely tell him she wasn’t going to go into hiding without him. He then dismissed each of the other government office one-by-one and then told his wife their next step: “we wait”.

In the air, Zeke and Glenn shot at the Pakistani plane, who was pretty successful at evading them, causing them to expel all of their bullets. Back in Pakistan, Alex managed to get through to Zaman while bitching about his mother. In the air, the Pakistani fired at Zeke and Glenn, but they managed to evade and deploy counter-measures. And, unfortunately, the missile they shot in retaliation missed the plane.

In the Situation Room, the Israeli Prime Minister called to tell Walter that the Pakistani plane had arrived close to their air space and they had launched a nuclear weapon at Pakistan. In Pakistan, Alex was begging Zaman to call off his pilot, knowing that Israel would retaliate. While Zaman asked for the phone, it was only to tell his pilot to continue. And then Zaman grabbed Alex’s gun and shot himself in the head, leaving him unable to recall the pilot. In the air, Zeke and Glenn lost another missile and had to come up with a new plan. Meanwhile, Alex was delivered the bad news about Zaman’s death to Walter, who ordered him to get to safety.

And then it all came down to Zeke, who was convinced he could pull this off. And…! Zeke’s plan succeeded and the Pakistani plane was shot down. The military confirmed the kill to Walter, who was thrilled. While his wife celebrated, Walter realized that Zaman’s final words (relayed to him by Alex) had been “you men are martyrs”, meaning there were more of Zaman’s men trying to strike at Israel than the just the pilot they had killed. Concerned, Walter told the military there was a second plane and he asked to be patched through to Zeke and Glenn. That’s when Walter delivered the news that the refuelling plane the boys had passed earlier was clearly going to strike Israel, while the other plane was a decoy. Zeke promised to go after the refuelling plane, but Glenn reminded him they had no weapons left. As Alex and Rafiq ran through the streets to try and get to safety, they were expecting death to arrive soon, leaving the two to say kind words to each other (although Rafiq refused to admit he loved Alex).

And in the air, Zeke executed an insane plan, aiming his fighter plane to hit and down the refuelling tanker just as he and Glenn ejected safely into the air.

So, in the end, Walter had saved the world from a nuclear war. As he and his wife celebrated, the military told him they had lost their pilots. But it turns out Zeke and Glenn had survived the ejection and were trekking through some desolate mountain landscape, which Zeke said was in Eritrea. Back at the White House, Walter delivered his letter of resignation to the President, although the President didn’t want to accept it. Walter took it stride, knowing the President wanted him to stay on. And back in Pakistan, Alex and Rafiq got the good news that war had been averted. The pair headed back towards the city, bickering all the while.

In Eritrea, a young boy came upon the downed plane and found the nuclear weapon. And then we saw some militants stopping by to load it onto a truck and drive away. Yikes.

Fortunately for fans of The Brink, the show has been renewed for a second season by HBO. We’ll have to wait and see if Walter has to save the world from nuclear-armed militants next season.


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