The Crazy Ones Series Premiere Sneak Peeks: Kelly Clarkson Guest Stars

by Shilo Adams / September 19, 2013

the crazy onesAd exec Simon Roberts is known for his unorthodox approaches and boundless energy, two things that have made him one of the leading figures in his field. He’s managed to dazzle many a client with his big ideas and even bigger personality, securing accounts that would have otherwise gone to his competition, but what arguably helps him the most is his daughter Sydney, whose focus and organization balances him out and provides their client base with another option should they not warm to Simon’s manic approach to advertising. The two are going to have to work together, though, when Simon is forced to act quickly during a meeting with McDonald’s and pitch a campaign that’s completely different than anything their team was prepared to put together.

On the series premiere of The Crazy Ones, Simon has landed the fast food giant, though he’s going against the familial, old-fashioned campaign that he was originally going to pitch. Instead, he’s going after star power in the form of American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and he actually gets her to agree to be featured in the ad, only if she can sing a suggestive song as a part of her personal rebranding effort. It’s not exactly the most family friendly take on the corporate brand, but while Sydney is beside herself with the idea of presenting Kelly Clarkson climaxing to the McDonald’s executives, Simon has a plan on how to transition the Grammy winner into doing what they need her to do vs. doing what she wants to do. Is he going to be able to produce the campaign that he wants and keep his firm’s sterling reputation in tact?

The series premiere of The Crazy Ones airs Thursday, September 26th at 9:00 on CBS.

You can check out an additional promo for the series here. Will you be watching The Crazy Ones? Do you think that Simon and Sydney can pull the campaign together enough to please their client? What other celebrities would you like to see make a cameo on the series?




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