The Flash Recap: The One With Family Issues

by Luciana / October 21, 2015

These characters have some serious mommy and daddy issues, don’t they? In last night’s The Flash, the team reunited with our good, old (and evil) Leonard Snart – aka Captain Cold – and basically his entire family.

It all starts when the team is getting coffee at Jitters – where Barry runs into Patty and they are ridiculously cute together – and Snart’s sister, Lisa, seeks out Cisco for help, saying her brother has been kidnapped and she needs The Flash’s help. So Barry goes after him, hell bent on paying his debt to Snart for saving his life, but when he gets there, Captain Cold refuses his help and reveals he is actually working with his father, so he should uphold his end of their deal and back the hell off his business.

When he comes back to Star Labs and tells Lisa as much, she tells them that Snart would never help their father because he hates his guts. So he must be doing it under duress, which we later find out is because Papa Snart put a bomb inside Lisa to make Captain Cold cooperate with the diamond heist he wanted to pull off – and nothing is more important to Snart than his sister.

Cisco works overtime to find a way to get the bomb out of her because it turns out that, even if he does get it out, the device is rigged to explode if it comes in contact with air, which is just lovely. I can’t blame these two for their daddy issues, because what kind of a father would do this to his own daughter?!

I just have to say, though, that I absolutely love this dysfunctional relationship Cisco has with Lisa and kind of root for them to actually get together some day. Their banter and snark towards each other is so entertaining and it’s easy to see that he can’t help but care about her, even if she is a criminal and has nearly gotten him killed before.

So while Cisco is working on a way to get the bomb out safely, Barry joins Snart in the heist, in order to buy Cisco some time and stop whatever it is they are doing. So he goes undercover (in a way) and introduces himself to Papa Snart as Sam, a tech guy who has helped his son before in other jobs. And since they are in need of a tech guy – because Papa Snart blew up the last one with the same fun technique he is using on his daughter – he is welcomed into the team and off they go to steal some diamonds.

After Barry works his magic on the alarm system, Papa Snart promptly shoots him and goes on his merry way with Snart, who looks back at Barry and apologizes for his father’s bad form. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with this guy? He is so, so much worse than Captain Cold because he literally has no remorse, no feelings whatsoever.

Except our Scarlet Speedster caught the bullet in the air before it hit him and just pretended he had been shot. When the Snarts make into the vault and past the laser alarm, Barry goes after them as The Flash and, when Cisco tells him he managed to safely remove the bomb from Lisa’s body, Snart shoots his father with his cold gun and ends their torment once and for all.

The next time we see him, he is in Iron Heights and Barry is visiting. Snart plays the tough guy, but Barry tells him that deep down, he knows he is a good guy who would do anything for his sister. This is an excellent launch platform for Legends of Tomorrow and the first real glimpse we got of a member of the team that will be assembled for The CW’s new show.

While all this drama with the Snart family was happening, the West family had a drama of their own. It seems like Joe lied to Iris about what really happened to her mother when she was a child, telling her that she had died. But what really happened was that Mama West was a drug addict, who walked out on her family and basically fell off the face of the Earth for twenty years. Now she is back and she wants to get to know Iris and help her through her grief and I seriously think this lady is very, very shady. No one shows up after twenty years without asking for anything or having an agenda at the very least. I am so onto you, lady.

Elsewhere, Jay is trying stabilize the breach, so he can go back home to Earth-2. He enlists Caitlin’s help, and she is all too happy (and eager) to assist him because the girl has some serious crush going on, but Cisco pulls her out of there to help him get the bomb out of Lisa. In the end, Jay does the job by himself and is ready to go back home, but Caitlin asks him to stay and help them with Zoom. Her feelings are clearly reciprocated because he readily agrees to stay and help the team get rid of Zoom on this Earth, but he can’t take his eyes off of our dear Dr. Snow.

They are celebrating the fact that the breach is stabilized and that Jay is staying for a while longer, when Professor Stein has some kind of seizure again and his head starts shooting blue fire and it is wicked cool. Not for Professor Stein, obviously, but it looks really awesome and it seems that Firestorm is ready to come out and play – also on Legends of Tomorrow. This episode was just one big launch platform for the new show and I can’t wait to see where they are going with this.

While they are off trying to save Professor Stein, Wells steps out of the stabilized breach and into our Earth. So yeah, awesome things are coming.


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