The Flash 2.02 Review: The One With Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot

by Luciana / October 14, 2015

Jay Garrick! Patty Spivot! Mama West! Harrison Wells! Cisco’s new power!

So many new characters and storylines, so little time. There was so much going on in last night’s The Flash, that when the episode ended, my head was spinning quite a bit.

“Flash of Two Worlds” introduced Earth-2 and its very own speedster, in the form of Jay Garrick. Except Jay ended up in our universe when the singularity opened the wormhole in Central City, causing a breach between Earth-1 and Earth-2. He was in the middle of a fierce battle against Zoom – apparently their own big bad villain – when he was sucked into the portal and ended up stranded here without his powers. So, according to him, it took six months until he gathered enough information on The Flash and his team on Earth-1, so he could approach them.

Barry is obviously very wary of him and I really don’t blame him. After everything Wells put them through, it stands to reason that he would not trust the first guy that walks through the door and claims he is The Flash from another world and that this world is in danger. And, oh yeah, he also lost his powers, so he can’t even prove he is who he says he is. Sorry, Jay, but you could have thought this through a little bit better. Maybe phrasing it differently would have probably been a good idea.

So our Scarlet Speedster doesn’t trust him, but everyone else seems pretty on board with the whole parallel universe thing. Dr. Stein and Cisco geek out so hard about this and immediately dive into hypothesis and mathematics and where the breach could be and how they can find it. Their bromance is so much fun to watch that I can’t help but smile like an idiot every time they are on my screen.

Also, was I the only one who thought that Caitlin had a massive crush on Jay? The girl was practically hanging on his every word. I mean, I don’t blame her; he is very easy on the eyes, and I would probably be drooling over him as he ran without a shirt on as well. Still, it piqued my curiosity. Is this something they are going to explore or is it just a harmless crush because he is the new, intriguing guy? What about Ronnie, Cait?

Anyway, next we have Ms. Patty Spivot, who is a new officer at CCPD and is determined to get into Joe’s metahuman task force. Joe tells her no immediately, but the girl is relentless. She is also a scientist with a triple major and loves Barry’s work – as a forensic scientist, not as The Flash, obviously. Our favorite speedster is completely flattered and she easily charms him into helping her out with Joe. We were very charmed too, Patty. She is so friendly and funny and determined that it’s impossible not to like her. She kind of reminds me of Felicity and hey, I love Felicity and so does Barry, so it’s easy to see how he liked her from the start.

So because she is determined to join the task force, she follows Joe as he is chasing the metahuman of the week: a dude made of sand – dubbed the Sand Demon by Jay Garrick. Turns out he is from Earth-2 and is in our universe with the task of killing The Flash, ordered by this season’s big bad Zoom. Now, who the hell is this Zoom character – and he really looks like death – and why does he want Barry dead? Can’t he just stay in his own universe? Jay eventually tells the team that Zoom wants to be the only speedster in any universe, which mean he is basically the kid that owns the ball in the park and won’t let anyone else play. When someone else shows up with the same toy, he throws a temper tantrum because he is the only one who can have it and he will destroy everyone who dares to have it too.

God, Zoom, get over yourself.

Anyway, Patty. Let’s talk about her. She followed Joe, and the Sand Demon managed to kidnap her, in order to lure The Flash in, so he can kill him. So Barry has no choice, but to listen to Jay and they finally kiss and make up and join forces to save Patty from being blown up. What’s with these metahumans and strapping people to bombs, anyway? I wonder if it’s in the evil metahuman handbook or something, because they always do that.

So she is strapped to a bomb and Jay comes up with a way to defeat the Sand Demon. He starts training Barry, so he can pull lightning from his speed force and throw it onto Sandy dude’s face because lightning plus sand equals glass. My head is still trying to wrap itself around this concept, but okay. They know where he is keeping Patty because Cisco’s powers made an appearance again and it seems like they give him premonitions of some sort. I honestly think his abilities are more complex than simple premonitions, but okay, I can roll with this.

Except Cisco cannot and he is terrified of his new powers. Even after they manage to save Patty and he confides in Dr. Stein about his newfound abilities and his fears, it looks like he is so scared of what is happening to him and he thinks that those abilities might sway him to the dark side. Oh, Cisco, you’re the light of this group. You couldn’t be evil even if you tried, honey. Chill.

Elsewhere, after the crisis was averted and Patty was safe and sound (and now officially part of the task force), Joe got a suprise visit from his (ex?) wife, who says she has been trying to reach him and she wants to see him and Iris. Now, why do I think Mama West has got something up her sleeve? Apparently, she’s been gone for a while, and now – completely out of the blue – she decides to come back, like nothing happened? Nuh-uh, lady. You’ve got some serious explaining to do.

And last, but definitely not least, we are transported into Earth-2 and parachute into a gigantic Star Labs, where a group of students are currently on a field trip, apparently. The tour guide, a woman dressed in very questionable fashion, explains what Star Labs is all about, when suddenly, she gets super excited and introduces the man who has founded Star Labs and saved Central City – Harrison Wells.

So the real question here is, is this Wells’ doppelganger from Earth-2 or is it our Wells who got sucked into Earth-2 when the singularity happened?

So. Many. Questions.

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