The Fosters 2.20 Photos and Sneak Peeks: Mariana Contacts Her Grandparents

by Shilo Adams / March 11, 2015
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With Jesus likely headed to boarding school, Callie on the edge of moving in with Robert, and Brandon bound and determined to get out of the house this summer, Mariana is suddenly feeling very alone. She’s used to a busy, bustling house full of love and life, but in a matter of months, it could feel especially empty, which is one of the reasons she’s pushing so hard for Lena and Stef to adopt Ana’s baby. Not only is the baby a way for her to make peace with her traumatic childhood, as she could give it the type of support that she didn’t get from Ana, it would allow her a chance to get in touch with her biological family and feel the type of bond with the baby that she only has with Jesus. But since she believes that Lena and Stef are hard set against not taking the baby, Mariana decides to take matters into her own hands and ensure that she’ll have a relationship with her little sister, no matter where she goes.

On the next episode of The Fosters, Mariana reaches out to her maternal grandparents in hopes of getting them to forgive Ana and accept the baby into their home. If they were to agree to raise the baby, she would be nearby enough for constant visitation from Mariana, with Ana likely able to earn her way into motherhood should she stay on the program she’s currently working. It’s a halfway point for Ana and Mariana to meet and a way for the Gutierrez family to begin working on healing the wounds they’ve suffered over the past decade; should Mariana see that Ana is serious about her sobriety and being a good mother to the new baby, she might finally be able to let go of the pain she’s been carrying around since childhood. It’d take a lot for her to want a relationship with her biological mother, considering everything they’ve been through, but this is probably the best opportunity Ana will ever have to show her daughter that she’s changed and that she realizes how and why she messed up at parenting her the first time around. Even though Mariana was able to convince Monte to hire back Timothy, does she have the words to get through to her grandparents and persuade them to adopt their granddaughter?

Elsewhere on The Fosters, Callie runs into another roadblock in her quest for adoption when she learns of $24,000 in credit card debt that’s been ran up in her name, while Jude faces the fallout from his night with Connor and Lena confides in Monte about her difficulties at home.

The Fosters airs Mondays at 8:00 on ABC Family.

Will Mariana taking the letter to her grandparents have any influence on their feelings toward Ana? Is the credit card debt the death blow to Callie’s hopes of being emancipated or adopted by the Fosters? How will Jude handle the aftermath of the night with his friends?

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