Tonight on the Good Wife: Alicia’s Mother Offers Financial Help (Sneak Peek)

by Emma Fraser / October 6, 2013

The Bit BucketLast week The Good Wife returned for season 5 with an episode that teased the big split and increased the tension; Cary and Alicia are still at Lockhart/Gardner and are having to navigate their exit without revealing their plans too soon. Instead of taking the easy option and starting season 5 with Florrick, Agos & Associates up and running the Kings have taken the complicated and drama filled route. We get to see exactly how this is going to go down and it’s not going to be pretty.

When Alicia told Will “Don’t end up hating me” at the end of the season premiere we know that she is going to hurt him more than her decision to stay with Peter ever could; the extreme desk tidying moment is pure rage from Will. Alicia wanted to be out as soon as the death row case was over, while the majority of the others want to wait three weeks so they can get their bonuses. Alicia got out voted and now they’re in this precarious position where the other equity partners are asking Alicia to look into what is going on and David Lee wants all their text message and phone call records.

Alicia has another factor to contend with tonight as her mother Veronica (Stockard Channing!) is visiting with an offer of financial help. As you can see in the sneak peek below all Veronica wants in return is for Alicia to attend a dinner with Veronica and the man that she is involved with. It all sounds above board but as this Veronica there is probably something she isn’t telling her daughter.

The case this week is all about everyone’s favorite search engine Chumhum and John Benjamin Hickey returns as Chumhum CEO and Lockhart/Gardner frenemy Neil Gross. It’s all about the NSA and you can tell that the Kings have been itching to write an episode that deals with the huge Edward Snowden story that happened over the summer. Alicia and Cary are suing the NSA on behalf of Chumhum but they are unaware that due to a connection to a former client, Lockhart/Gardner’s communications are being monitored by the spy agency. What the implications are because of this are unclear but it can’t be good for anyone involved.

Diane has another pressing issue as Eli is trying to secure her Supreme Court nomination and her relationship with Will stands in the way. Last week the episode ended on a happy note as Will and Diane celebrated their big win over whiskey; this felt somewhat ominous after Alicia’s “Don’t end up hating me” and then the tension and anger increased tenfold thanks to the season 5 preview that immediately followed. The firm isn’t just being torn apart by Alicia and Cary but a battle between Will and Diane could be coming. Everyone should check their backs to see if there is a knife sticking out. This is bad for the characters on The Good Wife but excellent for us and this looks set to be a fantastic season where every relationship is challenged.

The Good Wife airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and you can watch a promo and sneak peek for “The Bit Bucket” below. For more promo photos head here.

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