The Neighbors 2.01 Review – Reggie Gave Amber a New Face

by Shelli / September 21, 2013

133062_6432_preTonight’s Season 2 premiere of The Neighbours started out innocently enough, with Jackie and Larry popping in (unannounced, as usual) to celebrate the anniversary of the Weavers’ moving into the neighborhood.  Cue Larry Bird taking the role of story-teller and one aptly timed Smash joke (sarcastically – “and we thought Smash was going to last forever…”), and before we know it the Weavers and Bird/Kersees interrupt Amber and Reggie in the midst of a makeout session.

The crux of the entire plot.

Both sets of parents are unnerved by the news that their children have been dating all summer.  Marty can’t get past the ‘alien’ thing, Debbie is upset that she and Amber haven’t had a Terms of Endearment mother-daughter relationship, and Jackie just wants her son to love her “much much more” than he loves anyone else.  Larry however, seems less concerned about his son’s love life and more worried about their financial crisis.

The Zabvronians refued to follow the Supreme Commander back home in the Season 1 finale.

Desperate to put a stop to the relationship, Jackie calls a family conference…that includes the Weavers.

Once the two families settle into the Zabvronian conference room (after signing in, being searched, and crossing a path of lasers attached to the clapper), they begin a debate over why Amber and Reggie should not be allowed to be a couple.  Jackie presents a visualization of potential offspring – one , an orchid, as the Zabvronians are apparently plant-based, and smell grassy – Marty rants about simply not being prepared for his daughter to date anyone (though he likes Reggie), and Debbie just can’t get past the imperfect relationship she and Amber have.

But again, it’s Larry who takes the more serious tone.  He points out the fact that Reggie already has a soul mate back on Zabvron that he will be pulled to by an inexplicable force when the time is right – he uses a magnet and can of Dr. Pepper as an example.

The ordeal seems to plant seeds of doubt in Amber’s head.  Well…not so much doubt, as a need for reason.  While the adults have apparently set themselves on the decision that the two cannot be together, Reggie has decided that they will be forever…and Amber is just not ready for words like “forever,” and “always,” or “never,” as it is used in reference to breaking up.  Her attempt to tell Reggie about her nerves backfires, and the two join the adults who have been arguing over who’s fault the relationship is, in fighting.

Until Abby’s young voice demands silence.

In quite an adorable speech Abby explains why the two should be allowed to be together: “Reggie gave Amber a new face.” She explains that Reggie makes her sister happy, and that should be the most important thing.

The adults all seem to agree, but…Larry Bird made a call before hearing the address.  The doorbell upstairs rings, and we meet Reggie’s Zabvronian soul mate, a curvy blonde who asks Reggie to name her – Jane (Megan Park).  She’s all smiles despite Amber’s threat to gauge her dimples out with her thumbs.  Somehow, Reggie manages to shove her back out the door while fighting the literal magnetic pull between them, and convinces Amber and their parents that she’s his true soul mate – the reason why they came to Earth, and why the Weavers moved next door.

Everyone has been convinced – though, Amber’s still worried about Jane – and it seems to be the end of the arguement for the time being.  Except…once Amber is out of Reggie’s sight he is pulled back to the door that Jane is still waiting on the other side of.

The episode was a great way to jump back into The Neighbors.  All of the charm and purpose of the first season remained, with all of the comedy, of course.  The episode was peppered with great zingers – “How many space ships have to land in New Jersey before NASA notices?” – and each character immediately reminded me why they’re so entertaining (see: Jackie crossing lasers in a cat suit, just because).

Really, “Family Conference” set up the season.  Amber and Reggie are sure to be tested by Jane (who will be sticking around for a few episodes), and the adults will all have to find their own purposes again.  Jami Gertz has teased that Debbie will be learning a lesson from Jackie, and then there’s Larry Bird…

The tag to the episode featured the Bird/Kersees having a brainstorming session about what to do now that the Supreme Commander has cut off their finances.  Suggestions are thrown around: lemonade stand, inventing perpetual motion, even breaking into the US treasury.  But, when Jackie suggests to her husband that he get a job, he storms off – “I married an idiot.”

And in Dick’s words: “I think we’re going to be dealing with this for the rest of the year.”

See, I told you it was a set-up.

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