Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Celebrating 100 Episodes (Sneak Peek)

by Emma Fraser / January 23, 2014

The Vampire DiariesThe Vampire Diaries hits that all important TV episode milestone tonight of 100 episodes and what better way to toast the event than a look back at one of the shows most fun characters. Katherine is dying and so it’s time to reflect on 500 years of schemes, manipulations and general hijinks. There’s not a lot of love between Katherine and most of the group, I mean she has tried to kill most of them (and succeeded in some cases) so don’t expect to see too many sad faces. It might not be too late as Katherine’s daughter Nadia has a plan to protect her mother.

Katherine has been integral to plot of The Vampire Diaries, she is the reason why Damon and Stefan became vampires and Elena is her doppelganger. Over the previous 99 episodes Katherine has caused a whole lot of heartbreak and left a trail of destruction in her wake. While she has appeared cold and uncaring we know this isn’t the case as she has very real feelings for Stefan, they recently rekindled this relationship when they were both at their lowest ebb. This isn’t enough to make up for everything Katherine has done to Stefan and she wonders if she can be redeemed. At the end of the winter finale Katherine collapsed and fell down the stairs suggesting there isn’t much time to find out how.

Meanwhile the other huge thing that happened before the break was Damon broke up with Elena. As you can see in the sneak peek below he has turned to the booze and Caroline is finding it hard to not be too smug about the whole thing as she brings Elena a breakup breakfast. As you might remember, Caroline has been banging the Damon is bad drum for weeks now and Damon broke up with Elena because he’s the ‘bad guy.’ I love you Caroline and I know what Damon did to you (even if the show won’t repeat it), but you’re better than this. Caroline also remembers that she hasn’t shared some salacious gossip with Elena yet – could this be the Katherine/Stefan hookup she overheard? If so this probably won’t cheer Elena up.

Over the past 99 episodes there have been multiple deaths, resurrections, bites, hearts getting ripped out (both literal and metaphorical), smooches, fancypants parties, spells, twists and Founder’s Day events (seriously how many can one town have?). Hopefully the 100th episode will live up to this legacy.

Watch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries “500 Years of Solitude” below and to browse through the photos head here.

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