Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Saving Elena

by Emma Fraser / January 30, 2014

The Devil InsideIt was the big 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries last week and it didn’t disappoint as there were twists galore, a whole host of faces from the past and sky high emotions. Now it’s all about the consequences of their actions as Damon tries to rectify something from his past and Elena is in grave danger. Caroline also has a confession to make and it’s not going to please Tyler, who has just returned to Mystic Falls after his failed revenge mission in New Orleans.

While it looked like Katherine really was going to die this time, she had one extra trick up her sleeve thanks to her mother Nadia and her traveler lineage. So now Katherine is in Elena’s body and the idea is to make this a permanent thing, eliminating Elena – which Katherine has always wanted to do – and getting a vampire body in the process. Nadia needs Katherine’s body, unfortunately for her Damon has already buried it and as you can see from this sneak peek he’s not being very co-operative.

Nadia isn’t the only one who is after something from Damon as Enzo brings him a gruesome present and wants to solidify their friendship by committing an act of revenge. Damon has been repeatedly asserting the fact that he is bad over the past few weeks and it’s the reason he broke up with Elena, so will he follow through with this? Aaron is attempting to move past his family legacy and get on with his life and I have a feeling that Enzo’s plan might have something in store for the youngest Whitmore.

Meanwhile Matt decides to throws a party, because why not? This is after he has an awkward and confusing conversation with Nadia and this seems like as good a reason as any. Caroline uses this event to make a “stunning confession” and this sounds like admitting to her Klaus encounter in the woods from the last episode. While she doesn’t have to justify herself to Tyler as they’re no longer dating, she does need to examine herself in the same way she’s been berating Elena for being with Damon.

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