Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Broken Hearts and Bitter Balls

by Emma Fraser / February 6, 2014

The Vampire DiariesThere’s only one happy couple on The Vampire Diaries at the moment (Jeremy and Bonnie for those wondering) and every other romantic relationship lies in tatters; the Whitmore College “Bitter Ball” is perfectly timed for the brokenhearted. Yes Whitmore College has some out there ideas when it comes to party themes. Damon has teamed up with Enzo to reinstate his status as the resident Mystic Falls bad boy and Stefan wants to break them up before they go on a spree. Oh and Katherine is still in Elena’s body and has her heart set on winning Stefan back.

Tyler returned a couple of weeks ago and in the last episode he found out that Caroline had slept with his all time nemesis Klaus – Katherine had a lot to do with how Tyler found out so expect more stirring from her. Now Tyler is endorsing the Damon Salvatore tried and tested day drinking method and as you can see in this sneak peek he’s found himself a drinking buddy in the form of Nadia. Nadia is of course fake mourning her mother as Katherine is still very much alive and Tyler ignores Matt’s warnings about getting involved with her.

So over at Whitmore College Katherine is pretending to be a heartbroken Elena and Caroline convinces both her and Bonnie to attend the “Bitter Ball.” Count Stefan in, even though he doesn’t even go there. It’s a busy day for Stefan as he gets to dance with his ex and tries to stop his brother from becoming the more diabolical dangerous version of himself. If he can’t convince Damon, then maybe a strongly worded message to Enzo might help? Ok maybe Stefan will have to assert himself in a way beyond words.

Bonnie is also dealing with dance and Mystic Falls business as Enzo and Damon use violence to get Bonnie and Jeremy’s help with a revenge plan. Bonnie also wants to get the attention of Liv; a student at Whitmore who could be a witch.

Oh and if you thought we had seen the last of Dr Wes than think again as he’s somehow found a new benefactor.

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