Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Can Stefan Reach Damon Before it’s Too Late?

by Emma Fraser / February 27, 2014

The Vampire DiariesBefore The Vampire Diaries took a mini Winter Olympics induced break things were not going well for Damon as he’s been dumped and he has reconnected with a friend who might not be the best for him in his current state of mind. That coupled with Dr. Wes’ vampire cannibalism drug and things have hit a new rock bottom for Damon. Can Stefan get to him in time this week?

Meanwhile Stefan will have another thing to contend with and that is a very friendly Elena as she offers her services to help Stefan find Damon. Except it’s not Elena at all, it’s still Katherine and she has set her sights on getting back with Stefan. Will a road trip and a night in a motel help get Katherine what she wants? Caroline has been concerned about the way Elena is acting around Stefan, prompting Katherine to question whether Caroline has feelings for Stefan. Caroline’s romantic life is already rather complicated in the fallout of the Klaus reveal and I’m still very much in favor of Stefan and Caroline as friends only.

As you can see in this clip, things have mellowed between Caroline and Tyler since they last shared the screen. It’s still awkward, but no one is vamping out and tea has been made. The concern here is for Matt as Tyler hasn’t seen him for a couple of days and Matt turns up mid conversation, fine and with Nadia in tow. The reason why he’s been missing for two days is so Nadia can get the vervain out of his system so she could compel him after he figured out that Elena is actually Katherine.

So Damon and Enzo have been given the medicine that Dr. Wes has been developing to make vampires crave only vampire blood. With the help of the travelers he sets up another trap that will pit Damon against Enzo. Will Stefan be able to get there in time before Damon feeds?

To watch a promo and sneak peek head here. You can browse through the photos from “No Exit” here.


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