Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Catching Katherine

by Emma Fraser / March 6, 2014

The Vampire DiariesDamon has been injected with Dr. Wes’ formula to get vampires to crave vampire blood and he’s now safe at home in the Salvatore mansion dungeon onĀ The Vampire Diaries. The cat is out of the bag for, well Kat as Stefan figured out that it’s Katherine in Elena’s body and it’s all about bringing Elena back on tonight’s episode.

Katherine got too comfortable last week with her getting Stefan back plan and even though she got a kiss she also revealed too much about who she really is. Stefan might not have figured it all out if it hadn’t been for Matt and his distress text message that read “Help K.” Nadia had been instructed by her mother to kill Matt after he worked out who Elena really is, but Nadia realizes just how adorable Matt is. Things aren’t looking too good for Nadia as Tyler bit her and tonight we will get to find out about her centuries long hunt for her mother; hallucinations ahoy.

The plan to save Elena will see Stefan teaming up with Caroline and Matt, while Damon languishes in the basement hungry. As you can see from this sneak peek, Stefan does tell Damon about the Katherine/Elena body swap and he’s in awe of her diabolical plan. They need a witch and while Bonnie has lost her powers, she knows someone she can coach and this involves Liv once again. Bonnie is going to discover that something else is going to pose a huge threat to everyone; what do you think this will be?

To browse through photos from tonight’s episode “Gone Girl” and to watch a sneak peek head here and here.


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