Tonight on the Vampire Diaries: Searching for Another Doppelganger

by Emma Fraser / March 27, 2014

The Vampire DiariesLast week Stefan got his brain fried once again onĀ The Vampire Diaries, but this time he got to retain all of his memories. There’s a hunt for another doppelganger as the Travelers want Elena and Stefan to be the final two, as when there is just one pair left they become incredibly special. Yes this sounds like there are bad things ahead for Stefan and Elena as this isn’t the kind of special they probably want to be.

Enzo and Caroline have been dispatched to Atlanta to find EMT Stefan and on this mission, Enzo is going to reveal some of his past to Caroline. Caroline has so far been unsurprisingly cautious of Enzo and his motives as it’s still not entirely clear what his play on this whole thing is. Damon of course likes to mess with other people’s relationships and so he hints to Tyler in this sneak peek that Stefan and Caroline could be more than just friends. At this point this is all they are and I’m wary that they are going to try and make this a romantic thing.

At the Mystic Grill, Damon is drowning his sorrows as while he hooked up with Elena, they are still not back together. That doesn’t stop them from breaking some furniture in the process, Stefan has other things to be concerned about so luckily he won’t have to deal with triangle drama for a while.

Newbies Luke and Liv are brother and sister, with Liv knowing more than she has let on to Bonnie. Liv has an idea of what the Travelers plan on doing next and she makes an unexpected deal with Jeremy after she shows him just how powerful she is. We’re also going to be introduced to Markos, the mystery leader of the Travelers.

To watch a sneak peek and promo for tonight’s episode “Rescue Me” and to browse through photos head here and here.

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