Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Enzo Learns the Truth

by Emma Fraser / April 24, 2014

Man on FireIt’s time to head back to the 1960s on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries¬†as Enzo continues his quest to find Maggie and he’s not going to be very happy when he discovers the truth. Both Stefan and Damon are implicated and it’s going to get messy; when does it not on this show? They are also still dealing with the Traveler problem as yet another ritual is on the menu and after Tyler became host to a passenger last week, he will unfortunately be involved in this dangerous event.

Enzo made several deals with the Travelers to find out where Maggie is and last week he revealed why he wants to find her. It is so he can thank her for her compassion when everyone else treated him as no more than a test subject. As you can see in the promo below things did not end well for Maggie and Enzo believes that good old Ripper Stefan is behind what happened, but all is not as it seems.

After their shared experience last week, Stefan is trying to distract Elena from obsessing about the state of her relationship with Damon as if they can’t be together then Damon can’t be around her. Damon meanwhile wants to know where the Traveler knife is and Matt and Jeremy admit that it is now missing. Really it’s destroyed as Tyler, well Tyler’s passenger handed it over to Markos and he destroyed it. Smart plan guys giving it to anyone who isn’t Jeremy (as he’s the only one immune to the mind control of the Travelers).

Bonnie is concerned about what is going on with the Other Side and how this will impact her position as the Anchor. Will she die if the Other Side ceases to exist?

There’s an ancient curse that Markos wants to break and with the help of Sloan they embark on a dangerous ritual as Tyler is force to take part.

Watch a promo below for tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries¬†“Man on Fire.”


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