Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Saving the Other Side and Mystic Falls (Sneak Peek)

by Emma Fraser / May 15, 2014

HomeThe last episode ended with a devastating death onĀ The Vampire DiariesĀ and now the desire to save those on the Other Side has become the top priority. Well that and stopping Markos from destroying the magic that keeps all the vampires alive. Basically, they’ve got a hard task ahead of them as everyone is in danger of getting sucked into the inky darkness if Markos has his way. It is the season finale and I wouldn’t expect anything less than plenty of peril.

So Stefan’s heart was ripped out at the climax of the penultimate episode by Julian in Tyler’s body and with one doppelganger dead this should stop the spell Markos is performing. Now is the time for them to strike and stop the destruction of their home and the Other Side. If they can’t stop the Other Side from crumbling, they need to find a way to pull everyone back to this side. Bonnie did have a plan, but Maria got sucked away and now they’re back to square one. Damon isn’t taking this very well as you can see in the sneak peek below, now that Stefan is an Other Side resident. Bonnie explains that not only do they need someone who knows the spell that allowed Markos to crossover, but they also need enough other people to die.

This might be where the slightly caper like tone in the preview (which came across as tonally weird and misguided after the events at the end of “Promised Land”) comes in as they’re going to blow up Mystic Falls. Yep, they could be destroying the town to save the town and their friends.

Emotions are heightened and Caroline has to give Liv something to fight for to get her to help; how far will Caroline go to get this done?

Expect plenty of twists and turns as Mystic Falls faces its biggest threat yet.

Watch a promo and sneak peek from tonight’s episode “Home” below and to browse through photos head here.




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