Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Throwing Parties and Struggling with the Past

by Emma Fraser / November 21, 2013

The Vampire DiariesOn last week’s episode of The Vampire DiariesĀ Stefan thought that if he got his revenge on Silas then his panic attacks triggered by repeated drowning memories would stop. Unfortunately for him this doesn’t appear to be the case and he is still struggling with his PTSD. Meanwhile Caroline and Elena are throwing a party at college as they try to get to the bottom of the Whitmore mystery.

The big Silas/Tessa arc has come to an end and while both of these 2000-year old witches who have been causing havoc are no more, their demise did lead to the return of Bonnie as she has taken Amara’s place as the anchor between the other side and this world. Everyone was thrilled to have Bonnie back, but there are consequences (standard) and now every time someone passes over, Bonnie will feel a world of pain.

Stefan is dealing with another form of pain as he is still being haunted by his experience over the summer. Katherine will be a surprising source of comfort and she is also experiencing some heath issues thanks to her rapid aging. Katherine will also do a favor for Matt and we haven’t seen him for a couple of episodes but I assume that Nadia’s friend Gregor is still lurking inside him.

Now that the Silas problem has been dealt with it means that the focus can shift to the secret Augustine society at Whitmore College. Damon has a plan to get Dr. Maxfield to answer his questions and he’ll make a terrifying discovery about the secret society. Meanwhile Jesse calls Caroline asking for her help, does he know that she is a vampire? Elena connects with Aaron once again; they have both lost a lot of loved ones and I wonder if Aaron will tell more about his link to Dr. Maxfield.

You can watch a preview for tonight’s episode “Dead Man on Campus” here and check out promo photos here.

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