Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: What Happened to Damon?

by Emma Fraser / December 5, 2013

The CellIt’s not looking too good for Damon on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries as he is locked up in a location that is all too familiar to him and we will find out how Damon was part of the Augustine Society’s experiments several decades ago. Wes is continuing this work and Damon is his latest test subject. Meanwhile, Stefan is still dealing with his PTSD and Caroline comes up with an unexpected form of therapy for him to try out.

Damon almost died at the hands of Jesse and despite being a brand new vampire he was not only super strong, but had been modified to have a thirst for vampire blood rather than human. Elena killed Jesse to stop him from killing Damon (a point of contention with Caroline), unfortunately Damon ended up being subdued by Wes’ atomized vervain and he was placed in a cell where he has been before. Tonight we will find out all about Damon’s past and Elena discovers something very troubling about her own family history; were they part of this vampire experimentation program?

In an attempt to find the missing Damon, Elena turns to Aaron and this leads to a desperate situation. Will Aaron find out the truth of what happened to his parents when he was a child?

Caroline is still super angry at Elena for killing Jesse as she believes there was another way to stop him – on this occasion I’m pretty much with Elena as Jesse would have been hard to stop with any other method – and so she heads back to Mystic Falls to help out Stefan. As you can see from this sneak peek Caroline thinks Stefan should try and confront his problem head on. After their bonding moment in “Dead Man on Campus”, Stefan has been putting all of his energy into helping Katherine with her mortality issue and he’s been attempting to use this as a distraction tactic.

Watch a promo and sneak peek of tonight’s episode “The Cell” here and to browse through photos head here.




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