Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Turning to Tessa

by Emma Fraser / November 14, 2013

The Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev’s schedule on The Vampire Diaries must be super crazy as she’s now playing three different characters; vampire Elena, human Katherine and the original doppelganger Amara. Dobrev has been doing a stellar job as always and Katherine’s human form this season has been a lot of fun to watch, but after last week’s grey hair and tooth falling out incident Katherine’s could find herself in a perilous situation. Peril is where Katherine thrives, or at least the vampire version did.

At the end of last week’s episode Tessa gave Stefan all of his memories back and so the free and easy Stefan of the past few weeks is unlikely to make an appearance. As with Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley has been doing terrific things with playing two very different characters as well as a different version of the character he has been playing for five seasons. Without his memories, the Elena/Damon relationship didn’t really bother him in the same way it would if he had those thoughts and feelings. Yes there was animosity, but that was more a case of ‘you snapped my neck repeatedly’ anger. Now there will be conflict once again and I’ve been enjoying this mostly triangle related drama free season. Of course there has been chatter about doppelganger soulmates and feelings have been hurt, but it’s not been as overt as last year.

The plan is still all about bringing back Bonnie and it’s got even more complicated now that they are in possession of the anchor. The anchor is Amara and as you can see from this promo Amara has the ability to feel Bonnie. Amara is weak and if she dies that will destroy the other side and Bonnie and Jeremy talk about the ramifications in this sneak peek.

Silas was MIA at the end of last week and he fails to keep his promise to Damon and so Damon turns to Tessa instead. Tessa is also pretty unreliable so can they trust her? I said this in my review last week, but Janina Gavankar has been an excellent addition this season as Tessa and has injected a lot of heart into a character that could read as cold and ruthless.

Meanwhile, at Whitmore College Dr. Maxfield shares some disturbing news with Katherine and Katherine’s daughter Nadia shows up looking for her mother.

To see photos from tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries “Death and the Maiden” head here and for a promo and sneak peek head here,


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