The Vampire Diaries 5.07 “The Death and the Maiden” Review

by Emma Fraser / November 15, 2013

The Vampire DiariesThis season of The Vampire Diaries has been Silas and doppelganger centric and “The Death and the Maiden” is all about tying up those pesky Silas related loose ends and getting Bonnie back. Last week I mentioned how The Originals spinoff has opened up a wealth of opportunity for this show and this arc is a clear indication of that. While a lot of the season 4 issues had nothing to do with Klaus (yes I’m looking at you sire bond) switching up the antagonist of the story has been refreshing.

It’s moments like the opening scene that is going to make me miss Silas, but I’m also glad they have killed him – he’s dead right? We didn’t see him pass through to the other side but I presume this is because he died when Amara was still the anchor. The reason why is because even though he’s a really fun villain to have around who waxes lyrical about love and has a fondness for bus travel, it’s also good to dispose of your villains before they become tired. This was the burden of Klaus, a burden that was relieved thanks to giving him his own show and the main example I’m thinking of with a villain sticking around for way too long is Sylar on Heroes.  

Stefan wanted to be the one to kill Silas because he thought if he did this it will stop the repeated flashes of Silas stabbing him and the summer of endless drowning. Revenge plans are never the solution and it would appear that Stefan has PTSD, this isn’t surprising but it might be hard to find a therapist who specializes in this kind of mental trauma. The final words of the episode is Stefan proclaiming that “It’s supposed to be over” but as Tessa proved with her 2000 year long revenge plan, nothing is ever really over when you’re a supernatural being.

One issue I had with this episode is Elena’s persistence with Stefan and while I generally really like Elena it seems like she is dealing with her own feelings of guilt about her summer of fun rather than addressing Stefan’s pain. As Tessa points out the living arrangement is a little on the odd side (and probably could be a sitcom) and it’s a good thing that Elena is going back to college soon. I’m not blaming her for having a good time with Damon and not finding Stefan first, but everything about that box is pure misery for Stefan and while Elena understands this she’s also pushing him too hard.

This episode also dispatched of Tessa and she’s another person that I’m sad to see go as Janina Gavankar injected some fun into a storyline that could have just read as just another woman scorned plot. I’m surprised that Tessa ‘won’ and that, unlike Stefan her revenge plan worked as revenge plans never tend to work on TV. I mean Silas is still going to hate her even if they’re stuck together for eternity so I guess she hasn’t really won. Unlike Silas, Tessa did follow through with her promise to bring Bonnie back but as with everything spell related there is a drawback and now each time a supernatural being dies they will pass through Bonnie and it will hurt like hell. The spell scene was fun and had the appropriate amount of light bulbs breaking, spinning and many Nina Dobrevs.

Bonnie’s return was always likely, but I have to admit that the screen got a little blurry when it became clear that the spell had worked and I love that Caroline’s first thought was how they could share their dorm room. Bonnie’s new role as anchor might help out with the Whitmore College Augustine vampire mystery, which I’m assuming will become the dominant story now that the Silas arc is over. I wonder if Bonnie still has her witch powers.

With Bonnie’s return this means no more Katherine at college and Katherine’s having a terrible time as Tessa killed herself before helping with Katherine’s rapid aging problem. Nadia wants some bonding time with her mother but Katherine pushes her away. This reaction isn’t surprising as Katherine has a hard time letting people in and as she has been told she only has a few months left she is doing this as way to protect herself and Nadia. As Nadia is returning home I’m wondering what this means for Matt, who has been MIA the last two weeks and it feels like his involvement in this story has been forgotten about.

Other Thoughts

– Damon got to be a whole lot of funny in this episode with his phone call freak out reaction that Silas is travelling by bus, to his various nicknames for Amara – “nutter butter soulmate” is perhaps my favorite. His visit to Tessa was also rather enjoyable as he exclaims how he has “doppelgangers coming out of his ears.”

– In the same way that Damon was pretty funny this week, Katherine was delightfully pissy and her hatred of being a human combined with how little physical fight she has against vampires is still a lot of fun to watch.

– So Katherine can’t be healed by vampire blood? Will any of Dr. Maxfield’s research prove to be useful? She does owe him a new dictaphone.

– Caroline leaves a voicemail for Jesse who is still mysteriously absent. Can Caroline get a story that doesn’t involve voicemail and dudes please?

– “The face that launched a thousand doppelgangers.” Our very own Greek tragedy.

To watch a preview for next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries head here.

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