The Vampire Diaries 5.13 “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Review

by Emma Fraser / February 7, 2014

The Vampire DiariesDamon hasn’t gone off the deep end like this for what feels like an age on The Vampire Diaries and this is why the end of last week’s episode was such a shock; this is the Damon of early season 1. His subsequent actions this week continue to rock the relatively steady boat that had become Damon.

For so long it was about the love triangle that I also forgot that it wasn’t just Stefan that had a very violent past. Now Damon’s lost it all and Stefan’s worried that he won’t be able to pull him back this time. Maybe if Elena was actually Elena they might have more of a chance. Instead Katherine has control of Elena’s body and her main concern is winning Stefan back so Damon’s venture down bad boy memory lane is perfectly timed for her in one respect.

Katherine still has appearances to keep up and she’s an expert in faking emotions; from the tears of worry about Jeremy’s fate and the look of horror when they see Damon after the messy Whitmore fight scene. This is Nina Dobrev at her best as she switches ever so briefly between the face that Katherine is projecting to the small eye rolls when no one is watching. Beating Jeremy’s chest is an act of desperation as he lies there not breathing, not because Katherine has any feelings for him – she’s already caused his death once – instead this is what Elena would do in this situation. She still lets out an “ew” when she starts to do CPR on him.

The love triangle drama takes on a whole new shape and while I got a little tired of the endless back and forth this is actually pretty fun – I’m sure ardent Delena and Stelana fans don’t agree but as someone who is relatively neutral this injects some much needed life into the whole thing. Katherine is attempting to be subtle with her Stefan attempts and as with Rebekah’s girlish antics; I’m enjoying seeing this version of her. Katherine gets to use her scheming skills but she’s also pretty much a novice when it comes to feeling the real feelings. It’s a tightrope walk as she doesn’t want to come on to strong and Caroline is doing so much concern face that it prompts another call to Nadia to find out if Caroline has a thing for Stefan and this opens up a whole other can of worms.

As “Matt is the Elena cheat sheet” Katherine has posted Nadia in the Mystic Grill to well grill Matt for Elena information and then make him forget it. Nadia has some ethical issues with this as Matt is not a puppet, but she does as her mother asks. The problem arises when Tyler overhears Nadia compelling Matt and Tyler points out that he’s no longer wearing his vervain bracelet. Nadia is one step ahead of and snaps Tyler’s neck to protect Katherine’s secret. Matt’s no dummy and puts it all together that Katherine is in Elena’s body, but he’s not going to get an opportunity to tell anyone as Nadia plans to keep him hidden until she can compel him again.

This is the best Katherine’s life has ever been and she waxes lyrical in the opening journal writing sequence; everyone loves her and she’s a vampire again. Stefan’s complicated relationship with Damon could stand in her way to all the happiness as he explains that he kept waiting for Damon to screw up and then he didn’t for so long that he adjusted to this ‘better’ Damon. Katherine settles for just a hug, but she will definitely be trying for more down the line.

Stefan’s desire to save his brother (with Katherine’s help and she’s doing it for Stefan, nice play Katherine) is going to take a new direction when the whole cannibal thing is discovered. Yep that’s right Dr Wes is back and he injected both Enzo and Damon with the solution that makes them crave vampire blood and it’s definitely works.

Another project that begun in “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is Bonnie’s witch tutoring program, there’s only one participant and she got the gig under duress. Liv didn’t even really know she was a witch, but she’s definitely powerful and Bonnie’s going to teach her how to control these powers. I’ve been wondering how they are going to incorporate Bonnie into the story now that she has no witch powers and I actually really like the idea of her taking over where Grams left off. Now to find something for Jeremy to do beyond getting used as bait.

Other Thoughts

– The bad mother drinking game at the Mystic Grill was pretty fun and like Tyler I’d also forgotten about the hookup with Matt’s mom.

– Not the pony picture Caroline! Katherine’s reaction to Klaus’ drawing is pretty priceless as is her valid question about people still printing off photos.

– Suzy Sunshine is also an excellent Caroline nickname.

– Katherine thinks that a dead Jeremy might work in her getting Stefan back favor. Cold Katherine. Cold. Also that’s an epic meltdown that I don’t think Katherine could replicate.

– Stefan ponders who comes up with the party themes at the Whitmore Bitter Ball.

– For the briefest moment Damon looks forlorn when Stefan tells him not to come back. Damon hasn’t flipped the switch entirely.

– I enjoyed all of Stefan’s disdain towards Enzo and kinda wish that he followed through on his spade to the throat threat.

– Enzo is right about the follow through notion as no one will take you seriously and while they don’t actually kill Jeremy dead dead, the bag over the head is shocking nonetheless.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, February 27 as they’re taking a break for the Winter Olympics.




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