The Vampire Diaries 5.15 “Gone Girl” Review

by Emma Fraser / March 7, 2014

The Vampire DiariesKatherine has already had one deathbed episode on The Vampire Diaries and “Gone Girl” is the saying goodbye reprise with Nadia in her place as the one who is suffering and remembering her past. Katherine has touched a lot of lives, for good or bad (well, mostly bad) and the one person who has hunted her for reasons of love for 500 years is Nadia, so it’s not surprising that her death story is really about Katherine.

You can’t out manipulate the master manipulator so after a couple of phone calls trying to arrange secret parties and coffee hangouts, Katherine has realized that the proverbial cat is out of the bag. A quick call to Damon confirms this and any advantage they had over Katherine is gone. There is one other factor that falls in their favor and it is Nadia’s dire situation. After locating where she is they use her as bait, which is cruel in a way but hey at least she gets to die comfy on the Salvatore sofa by the fire. And with Matty Blue (thanks for the perfect nickname Katherine) there is at least one other person who cares about her fate; he is after all the one who wants to give her more than just an anonymous, hastily dug grave in the forest.

Nadia spends her final day cycling through the memories of her 500 year search for Katherine and in a way it’s like she never found her. This includes Nadia telling Katherine in a haze of delirium that Katherine is “a liar and a murderer. She manipulates, she betrays, she will do anything to survive.” These things are all true of course, except this time she does come back and as Stefan did for Katherine when she was dying, she creates a new memory to give Nadia the childhood she craved. Katherine didn’t abandon her child, she was taken from her and so this cottage experience is something Katherine has also longed for.

I will never tire of Katherine going around the group and telling them what she really feels and so the ‘who is going to stab me?’ scene is kinda perfect. It was always going to be Stefan as this would have the biggest impact. When it comes to this group Stefan is who Katherine cares about the most and it’s a shame their relationship started with a whole lot of compulsion and a lack of choice for Stefan. Katherine rails against Elena, it her favorite tune to sing as she has everything Katherine ever wanted. So she commits the ultimate act of revenge by injecting herself with Wes’ latest virus; werewolf venom crossed with the vampire blood craving solution. Elena seems pretty lucid when she wakes up, but I have a feeling that things are going to get sketchy and it’s not like they have a doctor who can reverse it as Damon did a number on Wes. Well, he shoved his fist through his chest and then did some eyeball experiments and yep that’s curtains for the not so good doctor.

Katherine does not go gentle into that good night and when it comes to passing through Bonnie it all goes a bit Ghost (minus the black spirits) and Katherine ends up being dragged to another place all together. Is this the end of Katherine? I have a strong feeling that this is not the last time we will see everyone’s favorite diabolical genius; she does have a certain way of getting out of any sticky situation, so maybe hell will be just another speed bump in the life and death of Katherine.

One thing that Katherine succeeds in doing is she holds a mirror up to Damon and now instead of running away from his problems and who he is; he is going to stay and confront them. It helps that it was Katherine posing as Elena who broke up with him and Katherine’s half apology where she calls him out on his BS acts as a wakeup call. It’s going to be problematic now that both Damon and Elena want to feed on vampire blood.

The name Klaus gets uttered for a variety of reasons this week; his blood could save Nadia and the whole sleeping with Caroline thing is referenced on multiple occasions. So much so that she tells Tyler that she’s fed up with him using it to make her feel guilty. Caroline was single when it happened and the only person who I think Caroline should feel guilty about is Elena. This is complicated of course, but the way she talked to Elena about dating Damon makes her a hypocrite for sleeping with Klaus as his list of bad deeds far outweighs anything Damon has done. It’s complicated because of what happened in season 1 between Caroline and Damon, but as the show refuses to bring up this specific example it makes Caroline seem like she is only interfering with Elena’s relationship because she is Team Stefan.

Other Thoughts

– Katherine tells Caroline “We both know I made you better by making you a vampire.”  Never a truer word spoken on The Vampire Diaries.

– Some nicknames other than the aforementioned Matty Blue include Bon Bon and Damon calling Katherine Kitty Kat. Nothing says love like a nickname.

– Like mother, like daughter as Katherine tells Matt he is “The best night I never had.”

–  Caroline has worked out how much blood Damon needs to consume daily, Stefan adds “Relax, she used a calculator.” Hee.

– Damon’s reaction to the Katherine as Elena news is hilarious as he is simply in awe of her plan. Everyone else just feels pretty dumb for not noticing.

– Tyler really needs to learn not to rise to the bait; he still has those anger impulse control issues.

– Liv is a little too handsy and flirtatious with Jeremy considering Bonnie is right there.

The Vampire Diaries returns in two weeks and you can have a peak at the promo photos for episodes 16 and 17 here.


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