The Vampire Diaries 5.20 “What Lies Beneath” Review

by Emma Fraser / May 2, 2014

What Lies BeneathA trip to a cabin in the woods is never a relaxing prospect on The Vampire Diaries (see also trips to a lake house) and it is even worse when there is a giant secret and heightened feelings. Not to mention the Travelers who are hunting down Stefan and Elena so they can drain them of their blood and break the curse the witches put on them long ago. The Other Side is crumbling which brings a whole host of shenanigans as Enzo is working through his anger by tormenting those he blames for his and Maggie’s deaths. Back in Mystic Falls they are trying to free Tyler of his passenger after he manages to escape.

It is a foursome of awkward at the cabin as Damon is trying to avoid Elena, Caroline thinks that something is going on with Stefan and Elena and the doppelgangers are doing a terrible job of showing they have nothing to hide. Caroline jumps to the wrong conclusion as she thinks Elena has switched Salvatore brother again, while Damon assumes it is Enzo related. What better way to suss out what is going on than cocktails and a game of “Never Have I Ever…” as Caroline shows a jealous streak and Damon goes to the Enzo heart of the matter (pun intended). Elena ducks out of the game, which makes it look more suspicious and a drunk bath is never a good idea, especially when there are vengeance hungry ghosts hanging around waiting to dunk you under the water.

Elena gives up the secret to Damon just as Caroline overhears Stefan talking to Bonnie on the phone about their ghost situation and the Enzo cat is out of the bag. This was never a good idea and there are a lot of hurt feelings from this deception. Stefan’s reasons for doing so are about perception as he didn’t want his brother to hate him or Caroline to think badly of him, especially as he sensed she had flirty chemistry with Enzo a few weeks back. With Caroline they seem to be edging towards something that is more than friends and while she can’t explain to Elena why she got so annoyed, it’s clearly coming from a place of jealousy. I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I friendship ship Caroline and Stefan and to be honest I’ll be disappointed when they go down the inevitable romantic route.

The lying part is another factor that angers both Caroline and Damon, with Damon seeing it as a sign that neither Stefan or Elena trusts him not to spiral and kill a bunch of innocent people. This is of course the usual Damon coping mechanism, but he’s trying everything he can to hold it together on this occasion. Damon does tell Stefan that if their positions were reversed he would have killed Enzo months ago and Stefan refrains from mentioning Lexi as this is exactly what Damon did to her and she hadn’t even gone on any kind of rampage. Damon wants to prove to Elena that he can control himself and on this occasion he is doing just that. Unfortunately for Damon he’s now made a promise to a pissed off ghost about bringing him back from the Other Side, as if Bonnie doesn’t have enough to worry about.

Bonnie is still lying to Jeremy about her fate, telling him that Liv is working on a spell to save her. Grams knows this is a lie and tells her granddaughter that she’s only protecting herself and not Jeremy by keeping the truth from him. This whole episode is about keeping secrets that are self serving and while Stefan’s has been revealed, Bonnie is still keeping up her cheery ruse.

The reason why they are at the cabin is because Tyler managed to escape from the Travelers by going all werewolf on them and he’s the one who revealed the doppelganger blood plan. Julian is still in him and while he couldn’t tell them where Markos is after Matt went all assertive on him with his cocktail of pain, he does reveal where his body is. Unfortunately, the Travelers also want his body so they can make Julian permanent in Tyler and they have nifty tricks that can hurt Jeremy, even if they can’t mind control him. This is a bit too convenient and sometimes the magical elements are a crutch The Vampire Diaries uses to support their every whim. At the moment Tyler is now Julian for good, but I wouldn’t rule out a loophole that will bring Tyler back.

Liv is absent this week and we get Luke as the resident witch instead. Luke is more warm and receptive than his twin; he explains that his family aren’t very compassionate and he likes how they all protect each other. Stefan and Damon have certainly inflicted a variety of pain on each other in the past, but it is certainly true that ultimately they would always save the other.

Other thoughts

– Damon still harbors resentment towards Caroline’s dad and after calling him a “dickwad spirit” he explains that rather than respecting the dead, he respects that he is dead

– “Yes. No. I don’t know” is how the Damon/Elena relationship stands with a brief moment of smooching before the Travelers turn up with the nasty brain ache trick.

– Bonnie was fine watching Stefan getting staked last week, but doesn’t want to see Tyler getting tortured this week. Guess we know who she likes better.

The Vampire Diaries likes to pay homage to horror movies from time to time and Elena wiping the steamed up mirror in the bathroom did just that. Even though we know who the spirit is, it is still pretty creepy.

– On the list of things Damon thinks they were worried he might do when he found out about Enzo is going “bowling with human heads.”

– “Dick move, Enzo”



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