Gale Anne Hurd Previews The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale

by Jon Lachonis / March 27, 2015

The Walking Dead season 5 has built up so much tension amongst fans, and they only have 90 minutes to answer them in the finale airing this Sunday. Top on most fans minds is Rick’s fate in Alexandria and among his own people. After pulling a gun on the residents of the peaceful community Rick came into Deanna’s exile cross-hairs, and let’s not forget that Michonne cold cocked him.

Gale Anne Hurd, The Walking Dead producer, has been making the rounds this week previewing the finale and leaving excruciatingly tantalizing clues wherever she goes. Here are some of the best:

Why Did Michonne Knock Rick Out?

“Someone waving a gun around with innocent people standing nearby is probably a threat to that peace. He’s already pushed his son away, Deanna had no impact, so it was really the only option left to her. Did she do that because she’s embraced Deanna’s approach? Or is she doing it to protect Rick from himself? Or a little of both?”

On Michael Cudlitz Saying the Finale Would Piss People Off

“I would say they’ll be pissed off they have to wait until October when the series starts up again, that would be the only thing. I don’t know that they’d be pissed off, I hope instead that there’s a great sense of longing for us to be back.”

On Whether Anyone Will Die In The Finale?

“You can rest assured that not only walker blood will be spilled, but there will be a few surprises and some sad losses that no one, I think, will be able to predict.”

On Season 6

“As luck would have it, last week Scott Gimple and his fantastic team of writers pitched out eight episodes of season 6 and let me tell you, it is going to be quite the rollercoaster. It is really exciting and also caused our line producer to start pulling out his hair.”

Those are just a few choice quotes, for the rest visit the sources Variety and EW. The Walking Dead “Conquer” airs Sunday, March 29th on AMC at 9PM EST.

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