Ignore The Walking Dead 5b Promo

The promo for the second half of The Walking Dead season 5 has a lot of fans speculating, but what if what we see in the promo is just an elaborate ruse?

by Jon Lachonis / January 18, 2015

The return of The Walking Dead is fast approaching, and this promo of Rick and crew battling an unseen foe in a misty forest setting has tongues wagging. Who are they fighting, who could be the new foe? Is it zombies? Maybe, it’s nothing at all.

It’s not uncommon for shows to produce ‘trailer only’ footage, particularly when the plot-line is a highly guarded secret, and if nothing other than the highly stylized nature of The Walking Dead‘s 5b trailer is a clue consider the utter lack of plot and tight and concise sequence of cuts.

Rick and crew creep through the mist On-Guard, are suddenly thrown into attack mode, then reconvene and continue their walk through the fog. You could say the sequence echos the life-style of our characters, but nothing more. Without a doubt, it reckons what they have become and in that it may have some significance for what is to come: can they escape the gravity of their own savagery?

This is an unexplored topic on The Walking Dead. We’ve witnessed the inescapable descent, but we haven’t seen what happens when they are forced to set their savagery aside and actually trust in someone or some place. They came close at The Prison, but the ultimate failing there unarguably pushed them over the edge.

The final point: when The Walking Dead returns February 8th we probably won’t see a battle take place in a murky forest, but what we will see may challenge what we know about these characters. In the trailer Rick says “Survival. Surviving together is all that matters.” What if he’s wrong, and if he is what could become more important than that. Tune in to find out.

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